Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: The Year In Reverse

As cliche as it sounds, I can't believe how quickly this year has passed! So, inspired by Allison at O My Family, I've put together some of my favorite photos from This Heavenly Life in 2009. To help me look back on our year and see how far we've come: from babies to toddlers, from toddlers to preschoolers.

Here, in somewhat reverse chronology, was our 2009:

From: Mia's Jungle-rific Party

From: 7 Quick Takes, #44

From: Chocolate Chip Cookies

From: Perfectly Poetical Tuesday (Couplet)

From: I Can't Believe I'm Doing This

From: A Bigger Pile Of Leaves

From: Ballerina Recap

From: Ballerina Recap

From: One Thousandish Photos

From: King Charming

From: 7 Quick Takes, #33

From: Hop-too; Life Is Good

From: The Single Acceptable 98* Activity

From: Where Dirty Equals Cherished

From: Water Balloons & Donkey Legs: The Makings Of Party Magic


  1. those are all cute. I love how you have links to the posts if you want to read more.

    my favorite pic of them all is the one where your dd is swimming and being thrown up in the air...that is one cool pic.

  2. This is such a good idea... and your girls are too stinkin' cute!!

  3. Great idea! I think I'm going to copy it too! Seeing your girls get littler and littler was quite a treat. They're such sweet little ones!

    Happy New Year's Eve!

  4. What a fun idea to do the year in reverse. Not to mention that it's a great illustration of the way that blogging can be a scrapbook of sorts to help remember the little things on the way. You know, in case any of us needed another excuse! Happy New Year!

  5. Um, I love this. A lot.

    And you included the bodyless kangaroo! That one's the best ;)


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