Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nana-Enforced Memories

When it began snowing and sleeting a few days ago, Mia was very concerned. She remembers slipping on the ice in the preschool parking long last year, and doesn't want to be walking on slippery things. I'm assuming. It's really dangerous to assume the thoughts of a three year old.

So when my mom suggested to her yesterday that she'd enjoy going outside to play in the snow, Mia was flummoxed.

Outside? Where there's wet snow? Covering things? Making things slippery?

But her Nana persevered, much to my amusement. Didn't she know she was trying to move the mountainous will of a toddler? I sat back, content to know that I wouldn't have to bundle either of us up for such an adventure. I've never been one to play in the snow.

Watch it falling peacefully beyond my window, sure. Get cold and wet at the same time, no.

Eventually, Mia's mind began to change, though. I could see it in the far-off look in her eyes. She was imagining building that snowman Nana had spoken of. She was picturing a snowsuit and boots on herself. She was dreaming of playing outside in the dead of winter after being cooped up for days. Her mountainous will had changed, and not in a direction that was beneficial to me.

"Mama! I get to play in the snow! Can I go right now, please, Mama?!"

I fixed my traitorous mother with a withering stare. I couldn't possibly take both girls outside by myself in this stuff. Mia would need help, and I couldn't put baby Lauren down to scoot around in the snow.
So I answered Mia with the most logical solution I could find: "When your daddy gets home, he can take you outside, OK Mia?" I almost tacked on my evil-plan-laugh for good measure, but I didn't want her to think waiting a few hours for her dad was in opposition to her idea of fun.

Thankfully, my mom took it from there, telling Mia how much fun she'd have with her daddy. Mia was enthralled, and for the rest of the afternoon we told stories about Princess Mia playing in the snow with various other poor shmucks, I mean - princesses. The most obvious choice being Snow White, of course. Somehow, we ended up with the princesses all building a snowman that looked like Aladdin, and Mia fixed her hopes on this becoming a reality.

When I told Justin what awaited him at the end of his long work day, he had some choice words for my mom for suggesting such rubbish. It would be getting dark by the time he got home! Mia doesn't have a snowsuit! It's colder than Jupiter out there! (Jupiter's cold, right?)

I helpfully left out the part about it being my suggestion to wait until he got home. There's no need for him to know that.

(Hi, babe...I'm exaggerating for effect was all my mom's idea...mkay?)

When it was just about time for Justin to get home, I started arranging for a snowsuit for the little girl who wanted so badly to play outside. It was quite a hodge-podge, but didn't I grow up just fine in hodge-podge snowsuits?

What's that you say? I don't like playing in snow after wearing the hodge-podge all my life? Meh, no biggie.

We got out her old rain-boots, and several layers of shirts and wind-pants over tights, and VOILA! Snowsuit!

She did look awfully cute; even I was getting excited for her to get snow-play-time.

Yes, she is sniffing her boots. This girl is a scent maniac. She can recognize a person by their smell from a mile away. Shortly after this photo was snapped, she declared, "they smell like pink candy!"

Justin ushered her outdoors soon after arriving home, and the fun began. I stepped outside to catch her in action, because that smile nestled in those rosy cheeks was too much to resist.

Justin encouraged her to throw some snowballs at mama, and I was reminded again of my dislike for playing in snow. But...I suppose...her happiness was worth the powdery stuff flying down my shirt.

Then came the snowman she had been waiting for all day. It was...It was...

Tiny. I am aware that the only reason he is a cute snowman is because Mia is squatting so sweetly beside him. To be fair though, there really wasn't enough snow or remaining daylight to make a good Aladdin snowman. Thank goodness.

Poor thing doesn't even have eyes. Justin told me to go get some buttons or something, but I said, "then he'd be able to see how pathetic he is."

When they were fully frozen and soaked through, my snow-bunnies came inside for dinner. Mia loved every minute (all 15 of them) of her snow play, and I complimented Justin on his great daddy-ing for going out with her, even when it wasn't the most appealing prospect at the end of his day.

I promised I'd write about how much fun Mia got to have because of his willingness to play. He told me (and my mom), "Put that in your blog and smoke it."

And since this is already the longest post in the history of posts, I'll leave you with one final picture. Think, 'sweet & cute,' instead of 'sad & pathetic.'

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  1. Sarah, I have been looking for your blog since Emily told me you had one! Mia and Lauren are so cute! We were in Joplin for New years, but we missed you guys. Hopefully we will be up soon and we can see your beautiful girls!


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