Friday, January 30, 2009

She's not a baby. *Sigh*

When Mia was a baby, she learned to hate the doctor's office. From about 4 months on, she screamed through entire visits, while I sweated bullets trying to console her. Just about the time I'd get her calmed down from the nurse's thermometer in her rear, the doctor would show up and she'd start crying all over again. Heaven forbid she should be laid down on the exam table, otherwise known as 'the pit of horrors.' I tried to avoid that exam table at all costs, only giving in when she needed a shot.

Hmmm...exam table = shots. Smart girl I have. I'd climb over someone's shoulder to avoid certain pain too.

This morning, we went for Mia's 3-year checkup. And writing those words makes it seem like I've been living in a vacuum. I can't comprehend the fact that she's 3 now. It may sink in by the time she's 4. Holy mercy, FOUR?!

So, about that vacuum. I've been so sucked into the passage of time, that I forgot that she even needed a 3-year check, and she's a couple of months late for it. Oops.

I was so impressed by her behavior today! She was thrilled to be there, exhibiting her wide vocabulary and intelligent reasoning for most of the appointment. She begged to get on the exam table. Begged. I kept her off of it for as long as I could, and then when her doctor told her it was OK, she nearly fainted from pleasure.

Unbelievable! I can still feel the memory of my insides tensing up, knowing the screaming would begin any moment. Only this didn't. She moved as instructed: sitting, lying, and rolling.

The only (small) glitch came when the doctor wanted to look in Mia's ears with the pointy little flashlight. Mia wasn't having it, so she covered both ears and yelled what I can only imagine were obscenities in her own private language. What we heard was, "UUUUAAAAHHHEEENNNN!!!"

Overall, it was a great morning (thanks to my multi-talented friend Jill for babysitting Lauren!) and I walked away from the doctor's office in awe of this little human. It really is true that those baby/toddler difficulties will cease, eventually. (I won't ruin this by mentioning that they will be replaced by different, no less challenging difficulties. Will I?) Each day leads to the next, and each new skill moves them farther away from being an unreadable baby.

I haven't yet decided if I like this. I'm really not ready to be baby-less.

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