Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mia Goes To The Dentist

I remember being pregnant with Mia, and reading some scrap of information on fetal development that told me exactly when her tiny baby teeth buds were forming. I dreamed about her pearly whites, and how they'd fill up her smiling mouth. I don't think I dreamed about the screaming tantrums that would ensue when we began brushing her teeth - that's not nearly as exciting to imagine in your future child.

But the teeth. They've been forming and growing in her mouth since she was a pre-born. And, as good teeth will do, they require maintenance. Mia's happy enough now to brush her own teeth - she even knows how to spit out the mouthfuls of toothpaste - and let us floss every night so it only made sense that she'd need to be initiated into the realm of dentistry. Although, I must admit that this is another part of childhood I never really imagined while I was pregnant. I couldn't ever dream of her being big enough to do something as grown up as having her teeth cleaned.

Something else that caught me by surprise? The fact that I'd not be the one to take her to her first dental check-up. Justin got that honor.

It has been my duty to take her to every shot-pierced, sob-filled, terror-riddled doctor's visit, but WHATEVER.

I guess I'm (slightly) happy that her daddy got to experience this milestone with her instead of me. And I'd just about bet that he shed a few less tears than I would have when she sat down in that enormous chair for the first time.

Because all I'd have been able to think about when I saw her sitting there would have been how tiny her rosebud mouth was when she was fresh from my body. Or how sweet her smile was when her two front teeth were a mile apart in her gummy mouth. Or the first time those teeth drew blood during a nursing session.

And then I'd have been crying all over again from the memory of that particular torture.

Justin was a better escort to the dentist, after all.

Lord help me when she starts losing her baby teeth. To heck with the tooth fairy - I'm going to need somebody entirely more substantial to console me through that last phase of baby-hood.


  1. She looks like such a sweetheart! And she is rocking the shades, isn't she?! P.S. Why'd you have to go all emotional on me? With all these prego hormones, I'm sitting here tearing up about YOUR daughter growing up. And now I'll start thinking about MY babies growing up and... and... The waterworks unleash.

  2. I'm just trying to keep you on your toes. Oh, wait...can you even see those anymore? :D

  3. I love how you write.

    And I'm going to cry my face off at every milestone, I'm sure of it. You're not alone :)

  4. No, I love how YOU write, Heather! Thank you!

  5. Really?! You floss her teeth EVERY night?! I'm good for about 4 or 5 nights a week but then I just get tired...you really are super mom!

  6. Where did you take her and did she love it? I've been thinking about taking Savannah to the dentist and finding myself a new one as well... I know you're probably thinking she's a little young to start that torture, but she's got a mouthful of teeth and a mother with a horrible teeth history....I just want to start good habits for her early. And flossing Mia's teeth everynight?! I don't even floss my OWN teeth every night-see what I mean-!
    P.S. she makes going to the dentist look like a breeze, she is so darling! And I love that Justin got pictures...or was that upon your insistance ha ha

  7. Cortney - The only way I could possibly keep up with as much flossing as we have is because we use a Reach Flosser. It has a tiny u-shaped head on a toothbrush-style stick. (Wow, on the descriptions, huh?) Anyway, I couldn't imagine trying to wind an actual piece of floss around my fingers and fit them inside her mouth. Sounds impossible. But we love the flossers. Plus, they taste minty, so Mia loves them too.

    Katie - I don't think Savannah is too young at all. They say 1 year olds are old enough to get checked. Mia did love it, even if she IS almost 4 :) We took her to Dr. DeTar, and he was great. He's the best dentist I've ever been to, we really like his whole office. And yes - I insisted on the pics...but Justin didn't mind, he's happy to have them now. He's pretty sentimental, too.


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