Monday, July 6, 2009

Honest Scrap

Thank you to Diane for passing me the Honest Scrap award! Now on to my 10 honest statements...

1. I eat an apple a day, every day. Preferably, a Fuji apple.

2. I want one of those new 'net book' thingies that's a tiny little computer just for Internet use. However, I feel so selfish and wasteful since we already have a perfectly fine laptop right now. Sadly, my husband also would like to use the computer on occasion, and that makes me wander around the house like a kicked puppy. I may be addicted to the Internet.

3. I am a huge supporter of sunscreen; For my children and myself, there are no excuses. SPF 70, covering the entire body, applied 20 minutes before sun exposure to allow it to soak in properly, and hourly after that. I'm a NUT about it. Therefore, I am pale enough to frighten small children when seen in a swimsuit. On the other hand, I really really like it when my handsome husband has a nice tan. I very often forget to remind him about the sunscreen.

4. I have scoliosis, and even though the doctors all say that this isn't genetic, I disagree. My mom and brother both have it too.

5. All of my new year's resolutions have been broken. My willpower is kaput.

6. My least favorite household chore is scrubbing the broiler pan. Stuff gets so stuck to it and the burned smelly bits really disgust me. One time after broiling some fish, I kept putting off the scrubbing of that pan for so many days that when my in-laws came to visit, I stashed it out the back door, beside the porch. Unfortunately, my father-in-law gets antsy indoors among loud children so he stepped out for a break, and found my pan. He brought it back inside, where I had to admit to my lazy housekeeping habits. Ugh.

7. Right now, I'm watching Matt Damon on TV. I have a history of dreaming about him after seeing one of his movies (leading me to believe that tonight will be an interesting night) which is strange because I don't think he's terribly attractive (leading me to believe that his movies contain subliminal messages to promote himself).

8. I'm not a dog person. I think they're cute and sweet and funny - for a little bit - then I want their owners to take them away. I loved my dogs growing up, but now it seems like they'd be one more dependent creature, begging for time and attention, and making messes that need cleaning up. Just admitting that out loud makes me feel very callous and snobby.

9. I do not have a favorite color. At times, one shade may stand out to me as particularly beautiful, but I'd be hard pressed to designate my all time favorite. This may be a contributing factor behind my white-walled house: I can't pick the best paint color for any given room, for fear of making the wrong choice.

10. My cheeks are overactive blushers. I can go bright red while talking on the phone, while thinking an embarrassing thought, or while receiving compliments. My face will burn with anger, fear, pride, surprise, or sadness. And due to my aforementioned sunscreen requirements, I can almost never blame my red cheeks on a sunburn. I've (sort of) learned to embrace the red. It's like my calling card.


  1. I once read a study that said wearing super high SPF sunblock can lead to cancer. Don't know how much truth there is to that, but since I'm somewhat of a freak about these things, I never put anything over SPF 50 on my kids. And yes, I do realize SPF 50 is still pretty high but come on...I live in the freaking desert and I'm pretty sure I've heard a thing or two about sun damage causing cancer as well! Oh what is a freak to do?

  2. I am a blusher too! Mine turn red and stay red forever! I hate it, actually. LOL

  3. Vitamin D deficiency has become an epidemic in the US... so if you don't let your kids soak it in outside, make sure they get their required daily dosage from their vitamins!! ;) P.S.- I am not looking forward to having a white baby, used to the tan skinned ones. I will need your sunscreen habits to rub off on me.

  4. Cortney - I don't know why you tell me these things! Now there's one more worry on my ever growing list! I do have SPF 50, I'll use it more than the 70.

    Lerin - Wanna start a club? No carefree non-blushers allowed?

    Rebecca - I only bother with sunscreen if we'll be outside for more than 20 or 30 minutes. So we get our Vitamin D on several short trips outside every week. Besides, after about 20 minutes, I'm sweating and gripey from the heat, so we head back inside :)

  5. I love your list. :) I'll freely admit that adding an animal to clean up after is just not happening in this house.

  6. Thanks for passing this on to me!!! Now I have to think of TEN somethings interesting enough to share about myself... oh, the pressure!

    Don't feel bad about your broiler pan. I absolutely detest doing the laundry and once made the mistake of leaving my laundry room dangerously full of pretty much of our entire household's clothing supply while my PASTOR babysat our kids. Of course, the 3-year-old had a poopy accident and since there was no clean underwear in his drawers, guess where the PASTOR ended up looking for some?! He still gives me a hard time about it. My PASTOR!!! I don't think I'll ever get over the embarrassment.

  7. A thing or two about sunscreen-you already know I feel the same way, my dad just had 7 more spots removed and told me that was an improvement from 23 last year! I think that we are pretty much doomed in this point in our lives, if you've suffered a meer one sunburn in your life it ups your risk of cancer (I know I've been fried many a day in my life) but we can try to protect our babies (and ourselves from any further damage). Where did you find spf 70? we use 50 and I think the concern with higher spfs is that people think it makes them invincible, you still have to reapply after sweating/swimming/towel drying and after being out a couple of hours....
    As for the broiler pan...find a better hiding spot-that's what I do he he


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