Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oooh, Look...A Bandwagon!

Yesterday while stalking some blog favorites, I came across Megan at SortaCrunchy and Heather of the EO posting some serious, life-changing information. They really captivated me with their thought provoking words, and their emotions burst through their writing like colorful fireworks from last weekend.

Or, I saw a fun bandwagon so I threw my cowgirl hat atop my piggy tails, cut off some jean shorts, tied my plaid shirt in a midriff knot, and hopped on for the ride.

You should, too.

Unless you happen to be one of the hip crowd who's already been on this bandwagon and abandoned it for some flashy new sportscar.

It's FUN WITH ALBUM COVERS time! Here's what I created by following these instructions:

1. From Wikipedia, click on Random Article. This will be the name of your fake band.

2. From Random Quotations, go to the last 4 or 5 words of the last quote on the page. This will be your album name.

3. From Flikr, Explore the Last 7 Days. The third photo on the page will be your album cover picture.

4. Put it all together with Photoshop, Picnik, or whatever you know how to use, and VOILA! You are a creative genius!

I had way too much fun with this last night when I should have been getting ready for an early night's sleep. (Speaking of which, the first album title was speaking directly to me.)

This band, Neriidae, seems to me like a scary goth group with a slew of authority issues. Their lead singer was in and out of snazzy private boarding schools that kept expelling him for scaring the teachers. Their title song, 'Try Going To Sleep', is a remembrance of the time he put sleeping pills in his gym teacher's coffee and then convinced the entire class to skip while Coach snoozed on the bleachers.

Oh, and this poor fella is a hopeless romantic who couldn't catch a break due to his pock-marked face. (What a name/title combo, huh?! You can't make this stuff up! Well, I can't, anyway.) He finally snagged this bubble-gum chewing gal and they got married before her bubble popped and she realized he was crater-faced. He had pimples on his wedding day, and she? Well she was just excited about the pink wedding cake.

Finally, may I introduce to you my favorite new tribal band, Bewnans Ke. Their music is funky and guttural, producing images of dusty stomping feet and warm desert breezes. The beautiful title song will surely entice the land to break open and reveal a quenching river in the midst of everlasting drought.

OK, your turn - get to it. Go, create, imagine.

I swear, this is about as artistic as I'll ever get.

And now back to our regularly scheduled baby-love-athon.


  1. NICE!! These are awesome, but that last one is just a revelation! Very, very cool.

  2. Isn't it so fun on this bandwagon? Love your covers. Such a fun I wanna do it AGAIN!!! :)

  3. Fun! I even made Randy do one, although he wasn't as excited as I was...shocker! I LOOOOOOVE your new header by the way. Too cute!


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