Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where We Pretend It's Spring

We had such a great day yesterday!

In the morning, we went to hang out with the Girly Swirls. I'm sure it was more beneficial for the mama's than the girlies, but we had a great time. Mia was being shy most of the time...until she decided to throw a tantrum at lunch...but she couldn't stop talking about her new friends for the rest of the day. We had to name each of them in our prayers (even the big, sweet dog who she was slightly terrified of) and wonder about what pajamas they were wearing to bed last night. I've definitely got to heave myself away from home for more play dates; it was wonderful.

After nap time, I decided the day was too beautiful to stay inside any longer. Seriously, it was 70 degrees in February. (Which is, I think, the looongest winter month in Missouri.) So we headed out to soak up some sun. Or, some shade, in Lauren's case.

She's only been crawling on hands and knees for a few weeks, so this was her first experience with the crunchy grass and dead leaves. For the first half-hour she would try to crawl, the sit back down in frustration - the rough ground had her irritated.

While Lauren sat and explored leaves, Mia ran wild.

She wanted to sit in every leaf embankment, and jump from every tall rock. Repeatedly. (side note: we've got to get some backyard toys...)

Lauren had been doing good with the leaves, not trying to eat them. So I ran around with Mia for a while, and came back to this:

The little stinker. I scolded her (hah) and tried to turn her attention elsewhere. I think she was offended.

With me guarding her from leaf ingestion, she finally gave up on sitting still, and took off crawling.

I think she overcame her irritation, don't you?

We had so much fun, that Mia even submitted to being halted in her running-jumping-outdoor-craziness so mama could force a snuggle.


  1. Looks like the girls had fun in the newly warm outdoors. I think Spring Fever has officially hit us as well!

  2. Looks like you have broken your cabin fever! LUCKY! I am still stuck in the perpetual New England Arctic Circle...If only I could touch a leave without it freezing to my palm...Or let my kids play outside without fear that they would lose a limb to frost bite..ARGH!


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