Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Bigger Pile Of Leaves

Somehow, in the magical tradition of Autumn, more leaves were available to be piled up and played in only a few short days after our first leafing session. It's been a windy few days at This Heavenly House, forcing many of the desperately clinging leaves to finally succumb to their fate.

And what a wonderful fate it is: to be kicked and flattened and generally molested by our family for as long as the weather holds out.

Given the extra leaves available, our pile became exceedingly large. If we had actually raked every part of our yard in a truly respectable fashion, this pile would have quickly become a fire hazard. Burning leaves can be fun, but not in city limits, don'tcha know.

Ever scrupulous with our standards of neighborhood safety, we decided to not rake everything just yet. Our neighbor did his side, though. Isn't the crisp demarcation of property lines quite a lovely testament to our laziness?

As usual, we're too busy playing to keep up with nice lawns and such. It's much more fun to wallow in our sloth. And wallow we did. This is one of the cutest wallowers I believe I've ever had the privilege of enabling.

Because that's what I do: I enable. I let these girls dictate when and where and for how long we play in the leaves, because I understand the addiction. I know the need is stronger than anything else, impending bathtime.

What's more fun -- bursting through waves of leaves? Or rolling around in a warm bubble bath?

Okay. I also frequently enable them in that desire, as well. Once an enabler always an enabler.

Plus, it's so much easier to let them play outside for hours when my handsome husband is on hand to do the heavy lifting...

and I am left free to cook a dinner in peace and quiet. Just me, a wooden spoon, and Celtic Woman on Pandora.

This enabling business isn't half bad.


  1. That picture of Lauren with just her head poking out is PRICELESS!!

  2. Gasp! You like Celtic Woman TOO?! We are blog soulmates, for sure ;)

    I am jealous of your leaves. All we have is lots and lots of pine needles, which are decidedly less cushiony and, uh, rather sharp.

  3. Delightful! How I miss the falling leaves of a colder climate!

    'Round these parts we dodge the occasional rogue palm frond falling from four stories up, but no leaf-molesting here.

    Even with 70 degrees and the beach here, I envy you today. Those girls and that husband in the leaves through paned glass while you stir--heavenly indeed!

  4. This sort of makes me wish we had a big tree in our yard so we'd have giant leaf piles too.

  5. Yes, I do like the pics of their soft little heads sticking out too, lol! So sweet! I have still to get some of our leaf pics up on the blog... :(

  6. I love the way Lauren's peeking out of the leaves, but I can't get over that first picture of Mia. That little pose and the expression on her can tell those girls have a mama who knows how to make life magical!

  7. Isn't fall the best?? SO much to be had with such simple things!
    And to top it off, Celtic Woman. Love them!!

  8. "Isn't the crisp demarcation of property lines quite a lovely testament to our laziness?"
    This made me laugh! We have such a hard time keeping up with our leaves that we always have the line of laziness on either side of our yard. But these days will never come again, and there's too much playing to be savored.


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