Sunday, June 14, 2009

6 Years!

That's how long I've been lucky enough to call this man my husband.

He loves me even when I've got evil eyes.

He is a wonderful father, giving freely of himself to entertain his children.

He loves his girls more than anything else. Before we had kids, I had a slight worry that he'd love our kids more than he loved me. Which is an immature and selfish thought, to be sure. But now that I see the depth of his love for our kids, it has only strengthened our own.

He's cool under pressure.

And I love him.

I'm proud to be his wife.

Love you, honey! Here's to 60 more years together. Rain or shine, come what may, richer or poorer, hell or high water.

You get the idea.


  1. What an awesome tribute to your hubby! We all need someone who will love us even when we have evil eyes :) Congrats on your anniversary!

  2. Thanks Lenae! He deseves better than a few pictures, but sometimes, I have trouble summing up my gushy feelings for him. I'm better at the lightheartedness sometimes.

  3. You two are so cute, wait you four are so cute. Happy Anniversary, what a wonderful thing!

  4. So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  5. You forgot to mention, he's easy on the eyes too. ;)

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary.

  6. You're so right Lerin - I forget how handsome he is because I get to stare at him every day. He's one hot hubby, that's for sure!


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