Friday, December 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #44

1. There's still time left to enter my first giveaway! Click over to check out a recap of my first year blogging and some adorable aprons from Jessie Steele (who's never heard of me, by the way). Just leave a comment and you'll be entered to win. I'm so excited to see who gets an apron! Could it be you??

2. This week marked a momentous occasion: Lauren's first pigtails!

Granted, they just barely qualify as piggies, but they're THERE. She loved them -- for almost 2 whole minutes.

3. When I wrote earlier this week about Mia's tummy troubles, I got some wonderful suggestions and tips...thank you! She's feeling much better after a trip to our natural foods store for some digestive enzyme something or other.

4. We also made a visit to the doctor for Mia's 4 year checkup and to ask about her painful stomach. At one point the doctor said that kids this age are more likely to have empty bellies from not eating very much, which could cause irritating stomach acids to accumulate. She suggested trying to offer small, healthy snacks every couple of hours, and said that Mia only really needed 2 or 3 bites of food each time to keep her stomach full and busy all day long. Mia was sitting quietly on my lap during this conversation, and I couldn't have told you whether or not she was actually paying attention to what was being said.

Then later at lunch, she wasn't too interested in eating her meal. She told me in a very certain tone of voice, "Remember...the doctor said only 2 or 3 bites, mom. That's enough."

Stinkin' doctor.

Stinkin' smart girl.

5. Today I'm going to a holiday baking party for my church's moms group. We're supposed to bring ingredients and a recipe for ONE item that we'd like to make. And thanks to Amy at My Front Porch Looking In, I'm instead bringing ingredients and recipes for FOUR items. She made my mouth water all day on Wednesday with her live-blogging of her Christmas baking. Now I can't settle on any one single thing to make. Thanks alot, Amy! (No really, thank you! I can't wait to tackle those candy cane cookies! And oreo truffles. And Andes mint cookies.) I'll just have to be extra speedy in the kitchen. Since this has never once happened to date, it should be interesting. Especially considering all the chit-chat which will be simultaneously taking place.

6. Also today, is Mia's preschool Christmas program. I'm interested to see how it goes because she's not ever actually performed in one of these shows. She usually just stands in the group, gazing around, being shy or overwhelmed or stubborn...I'm really not sure which. She's already told us that she won't sing in the program, but we're still holding out hope for a miracle, or peer pressure, or something to sway her. No matter what happens, I'm counting on enjoying the show -- with or without Mia's mouth moving. She's just as adorable either way.

7. I think I've finally given myself permission to not send out Christmas cards this year. It adds another layer of requirement to a season that's already got too much activity in it for my comfort, anyway. And as far as other people's comfort goes...I hold no suppositions that the people on my mailing list will mourn the absence of a card from us. They'll surely survive, and maybe even thank us for not adding to their recycling pile? That's my hope anyway. I like getting cards this time of year, I really do. Yet, I always feel bad for tossing them out after a few weeks and what if there's a picture involved?! I can't throw away a picture! But...what should I DO with it?

How do you all feel about Christmas cards? Both the sending and receiving. Do you look forward to any aspect of it? Do you merely comply with the societal norms? Do you think this is a ridiculous tradition or a worthwhile effort? Or are you just wishy-washy like me? Let's dish.

Thank you for visiting today! Have a joyful weekend and be sure to stop over at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes.


  1. I feel the same about Christmas cards. Last year I sent out a New Year's card. That was kinda nice b/c it took the pressure off until after the holidays, KWIM?

  2. #2 - WAAAAAY too cute are those pigtails.

    #7- we will be sending the picture cards out but after Christmas as we don't have all the kids home yet to take a picture. One time I sent them out in January and called them "New Years Cards". Hey it's the thought that counts!

  3. Cute pigtails!

    I love getting Christmas cards! But I think it's a little lame if they just sign their name and don't at least write a generic sentence to you. Especially if they don't even write your name inside! We've received several like that this year, and they're always something of a disappointment.

    I do like sending them, though it is a bit of work, because I want to make sure each person knew I was thinking of them personally. For the past few years, my mom has sent out a New Years letter instead of Christmas cards. That way she doesn't have to worry about it in the hustle-bustle before Christmas.

  4. Those pigtails are certainly adorable!!

    I can't wait to try all those recipes as well!! She made some yummy goodies and since I didn't win, I am forced to make them on my own!!

    We send out a letter every year. It goes over milestones we had the past year and a picture. I love doing it, but complelty understand if someones throws it away immediantly after reading it. I keep pictures people send me on thr fridge for a couple of weeks and then they must go. I am sure they do the same or at least understand!! (plus I do not have to come up with cute things to say to everyone I send to if I print out the one letter!!)

  5. Love the pigtails!

    I didn't get to send out cards this year, although I usually really love sending them. My husband pointed out that MAYBE it wasn't the most important thing to spend money on. He's right, but I still miss doing it. I hate throwing cards away too! I get those cheap plastic photo albums (like the ones that come with pictures when you develop film) and cut the cards up and put them in. It turns into a kind of Christmas book for each year.

  6. Cute, cute pigtails!! She looks so grown up!

    Stinkin' smart girl...I agree! Sometimes they're just too smart for their own good!

    I've decided not to send out Christmas cards this year, too. Mostly because I still have no idea where my address book is and I just REALLY don't want to call everyone and get their addresses again. Laziness wins again!

  7. Love the pigtails, E. actually does okay leaving them in. Wish we lived closer, I could do your Christmas cards and you could share your baking with me.

    I hold onto the cards for about a month, then cut out any pictures which go into my album and pitch the rest.

  8. We send a card AND a letter. Husband likes to do the letter, I can take it or leave it. As for the cards we get, the photos go on a bulletin board in our kitchen and stay there until the next year when new cards arrive. The cards hang on our blinds for a few weeks before being thrown away.

  9. I agree with That Married Couple. I always feel like it's lame when people just sign their name. What's the point?

    I am sending cards this year. I figured out that you can order Christmas cards using your digital photos on line and was thrilled. (I'm a little behind the times I guess.) I haven't been sending cards every year, but in my case I think it's a good thing to do because it is a way of sending a little love to people and let you know that you are thinking of them. Many times I send cards to people I haven't seen in years but have been important in my life in one way or another. Christmas is a good time to think of this.

    I love the idea of the New Year's Card. I suppose one could do something like this on Valentine's Day too.

  10. I live for Christmas cards, but sadly, this year is the first year ever I will not do a Christmas letter with them. I just didn't have time.

  11. #4 sounds just like something Bela would do. She's also a fan of just a few bites and then "I'm not hungry".

    I love getting Christmas cards. I like sending them but consider doing it completely optional depending on my level of stress. This year with a newborn that'll be a big no. Last year and the year before my excuse was pregnancy.

  12. I would like to send Christmas cards, and I'm still hoping to mail out a few this year to parents and grandparents. I enjoy getting them (we've only gotten a few, probably since I didn't mail any last year) but living far away from family makes it nice to get cards to hang up in the kitchen and remember that people are thinking of us this year.

  13. Sounds like Mia's pretty opinionated! :)

    I love getting Christmas cards, and I like to save the pictures. I don't get too many, so that doesn't build up too much. I always think it's a waste of time and money if someone sends me a card that they only signed their name. That will get trashed immediately. I also like getting updates on peoples' lives.

    I guess if I like it, that means I should return in kind. But I don't. I feel like there's not much for me to say. And I'm not about to add one more source of stress and spending. One of my friends did a newsletter that they sent as an email attachment. That was great, and if I ever send out a Christmas letter, that's the way I'm going about it.

  14. She is too cute! I love those pigtails!

    As for Christmas cards, I stopped sending them when we moved to Italy. I'm still not sure if I'll pick it up again when (or if!) we move back. It seems like a lot of extra hassle, but I DO like getting updates on other people...and maybe once the girls are older it won't feel so hard.

  15. How did the cookies turn out?? I'm glad to have inspired you -- hopefully your treats will look better than mine :) I'm really curious about the candy cane cookies!!!

    As for Christmas cards, I got an idea from a blog friend of mine to put the old Christmas card pictures in a photo album and label the different years. I think I'm going to do that!

  16. Hey, I know this is a delayed comment, but I am just now catching up on your blog from our computer being down and out with a virus.
    LOVE the piggies!!
    About the Christmas mom has always saved them and used them the following years as gift tags-cut off the front and tape to a gift and write on a name- she's pretty thrifty. And now, I'm saving all those pictures and letters that some people send too, one day I'm going to put them all in a folder or binder of sort with clear page protectors and display it during the holidays....another idea I got from my mother.


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