Thursday, December 17, 2009

What We Found At The Library, #7

I was amazed by Lauren's attraction to this book -- it's longish and detailed, with artwork that is cute but far from simple. She and Justin got into quite a routine of reading it together every night, and that's probably what was so enjoyable for her. This book is full of cute sound effects, which begs daddy's participation: the magician's POOF, the DUM DITTY drumming. A quick, rhyming pace adorably tells the story of an anonymous party being forced upon Rose while her mom is chatting away on the phone. Muscly men bring tables and chairs, waiters set up food, partiers dance to a raucous band, and poor Rose is unable -- and eventually, unwilling -- to stop it. It's too much fun! But, what happens when Mama finally ends her 'quick' little chat? The ever joyful Rose convinces her party to clean up and clean out. Justin was a sucker for the sweetly illustrated Rose, and Lauren just couldn't get enough of this book. It was a very cute story, one our whole family enjoyed.

I knew it would happen like this: I'd open my Library posts up for other bloggers, set dates for it, and then not have any really good books to write about. This past trip, there weren't many books in our bag that inspired enthusiasm. The one above was the exception, and it was a good one. But the rest were just so/so. This one, though, was read many times and while it's not much of a story, Mia did enjoy it. It's an alphabet inspired by ballet vocabulary, including poses like A for Arabesque and G for Grand Jete, stage words like B for Backstage and L for Lights, costume names like T for Tutu and Z for zipper, and classic ballet identifiers like O for Odette and F for Firebird. Mia loved learning new ballet words, and for my benefit, there's a glossary in the back explaining the meaning and use of each word. The illustrations are drawn to look real, but with a beautifully colorful overtone: child friendly, yet true to life. I'd recommend this book for any little girl learning the alphabet, or wanting to learn more about dancing. It accomplishes each beautifully.

Mama's Favorite: Madeline In London by Ludwig Bemelmans

One of my trusty standbys, Madeline, came to the rescue in an otherwise dull book bag. While we've read this particular story several times already, it never gets old. That's the beauty of Madeline. Some new aspect pops out with each reading, making us re-appreciate her adventures and bravery. In this installment, Madeline and crew follow their lonely friend Pepito to London when his family moves there. For Pepito's birthday, the girls decide to gift him with a horse who ends up traipsing Pepito and Madeline all around London for a royal tour. But the poor, tired horse is so hungry by the end of the trip that he eats up an entire garden's worth of flowers and veggies, causing the old gardener great despair. Of course, everybody had to cry, not a single eye was dry. I can never read a Madeline story without finding myself chest deep in enjoyment of the story and its oddly rhyming meter. If you've never read a Madeline book, you must do so immediately -- that's an order. I mean, if you want t0.

That's it for me this week; what did YOU find at the Library?


  1. I love Madeline, too. We only have the London what that you mentioned. I'll have to get more. Thanks for hosting!

  2. The first book looks cute! And Madeline- I just love her! Well, I love the books about her.

    I'm sorry I didn't join the fun yet again... Do I get to duck some shame if I offer up that I'm knee-deep in laundry, we're leaving tomorrow, and I don't have a thing packed?! (For anyone?!!!) I promise in the new year I will be a better participant :D

  3. Gosh, Lenae. I just don't know if I can wait that long for your suggestions. But, since I feel your busyness, I suppose I'll grant you a slight reprieve :) Safe (and calm, and patient, and joyful) travels!

  4. Madeline in London is such a great book! I bought a copy of it for Katherine the first time she was in London, so it's always been really special to me in that way too. Great choice!

    Oh, and that ballet alphabet book looks like it would be the *perfect* book for us! And I'm going to have to find Lauren's favorite too. I've never heard of it, but I like the cover and it sounds intriguing.

    Thanks for another great peek into your book bag!

  5. What a cute idea! Those books look adorable too.
    I'm going to make it a goal to go to the library this winter with my little boy. I've always been too nervous that he'd ruin the books, but I'm SO over that just sounds so fun!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I've read yours too. (through Une Autre Mere's) You have a great blog and some super sweet girls!

  6. Lauren's book looks so cute, and I definitly think Isaac would love it! All the mischief!!

    I am sorry to be posting so late, please forgive me!!

  7. Oh man, I missed it again! I really meant to join up this time, but I guess the day got away from me again! Maybe I'll make a resolution to start this in the new year.

    And FYI - I love your suggestions. Last time we went to the library, I referenced your blog first to make a list of good books and it paid off! :)


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