Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heavy On The Easter Pictures

I really should have separated this into two different posts, because there are so many pictures here. But I decided, nah, let's just see how fast you can skip over them with your super-fast power-scroll to the bottom of the page.

On your mark, get set, GO!

We started our Easter preparations on Friday of last week with egg painting and dyeing. Last year we didn't ever manage to get this done. Mia was only a little over two, I was awaiting the birth of Lauren (meaning I was too rotund to tread the easter egg waters), and I just didn't think it was the best idea. This year, however, I knew Mia would love the project. She got right down to business, with a look of serious concentration on her face.

There was a moment when I wondered if we really needed to go through the whole hard-boiling process, because none of the kids will actually eat them...but then I had visions of eggs being stepped on or thrown at the egg hunt and my mind was cleared. And it was a good thing, because Mia tested their strength while painting. It would have been a huge mess after she decided to crack one on the table a few times.

While Mia and I decorated eggs, Lauren toddled around in her new pants from Aunt Em. They were so cute, I had to zoom in for a close up.

She played happily, not even realizing the fun she was missing out on with the eggs on the table.

When I picked her up after she took a spill in the kitchen, she noticed the finished product, and was immediately consoled. She yelled, BA! BA! (aka: ball) at the eggs, desperately trying to convince me to give one to her. I have to admit, they did turn out pretty nicely for having a 3 year old as the production manager.

Easter morning, I went by myself to sunrise service at our church. We didn't want the girls to see their easter baskets before I got back from church, so we decided to have the Easter Bunny ring the doorbell shortly after I got home.

We told Mia that since it was so rainy, the Easter Bunny was running a bit late but he'd be here soon. She was so excited. While I got the girls dressed, Justin placed the baskets inside our front door, and rang the bell.

Mia's eyes got huge as she realized who had rung the bell. She ran out into the entryway, gave the baskets a quick glance, and then slowly peeked out the door. She was trying so hard to be brave enough to see the Easter Bunny, but the poor thing was a little nervous too. It's a good thing that bunny's really fast at hopping and got away before Mia got to see him.

Lauren was quite impressed with her basket-o-fun. But everything else was tossed away when she got hold of the goldfish crackers. It concerns me that my one year old knows the packaging well enough to covet such things.

We continued getting ready (at the speed of darkness...we were running so late) and went to breakfast at church, followed by an easter egg hunt for the kiddos.

Sweet Mia hasn't quite overcome her shyness enough to be a rapid easter egg hunter. As soon as she made the decision to get a certain egg, it would have been already grabbed up by another child. She got so frustrated; I think we need some practice rounds of this 'game' before next year. She needed to just keep going on to the next egg instead of getting sad when a particular egg was out of her reach.

Thankfully the kids were all pretty small, and the parents were all helping/directing their kids to other egg-filled locations. Mia's basket was definitely full by the end of the hunting.

Lauren was a little overwhelmed by the running and shouting, so she focused on an egg or two, and tuned the rest out.

Lauren had the most fun when we left the egg hunting for the stair climbing. I think this was her first eggs-perience (I know, I disgust myself too) with stairs and she loved it.

Later in the afternoon, we went to my aunt's house for lunch and more egg hunting. Mia knew the name of the game by then, and got a serious haul of goodies.

While poor Lauren Jade got stuck with a measly hard-boiled egg. It's just as well, darlin' - mommy and daddy would've eaten all your candy anyway.

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  1. Not only are your girls adorable but you got them adorable matching dresses....I love it!!


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