Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Cool Thing About Grandpa's...

...is that if you're really lucky, you get one that works at a tractor store. And on wet spring weekends, those tractor stores sometimes host fun events to attract customers to their products. He'll wrangle a balloon down from it's decorative perch, and place it on your wrist while you giggle excitedly over your good fortune.

If you happen to get the very very coolest grandpa, he'll make sure you have the most fun possible at such an event, even if it means folding himself into quarters to help you drive a mini-tractor.

He'll let you steer the tractor all by yourself...or at least until you stop watching what you're doing. In that case, he'll helpfully take the wheel to steer you far beyond the designated tractor course, and out among the GIANT tractors.

He will point you in the direction of free hot dogs and cheetos, which you will consume with all the enthusiasm you can muster for having worn yourself out with running so very far.

Then when you can't imagine the day getting any better, your very cool grandpa will speed around the corner of the building in a battery operated Gator. He will have anticipated that a loud tractor would scare the pee out of you, and searched for an available Gator which is as quiet as a mouse. He'll put you on his lap so you can steer the Great! Big! Car! and take you for a spin around the parking lot.

You'll love it so much that your way cool grandpa will pick up the speed until your long hair is blowing far behind your smiling face. At this point, if you're lucky enough to have such a grandpa, he'll be thinking this is the most fun he's had in a long time. He'll be thinking that grandkids are cooler than even he himself. And that's quite a statement when your grandpa is so darn awesome.

By the time your Gator ride has come to an end, your laughter will have overcome you to such an extent that you would hardly be able breath, tears would be pooling in your eyes, and hiccups will have begun.

It will have been a perfect morning, made that way by the attention of a totally rad grandpa.

That is, if you are lucky enough to have been blessed with the very coolest of grandpa's.


  1. aaww...so sweet! Uncle Buddy looks good!

  2. He is one awesome grandpa! Cute post, and loving the photos!

  3. Beautiful post. My son loved the pictures of the mini- tractor. And your daughter is just so darn cute!


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