Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starring Evelyn Joy

A Tale of Two Cousins: Lauren Invites Evie to Bathtime

LJ: Hey Evie! I'm so glad you're here to play!
EJ: Me too! What are you looking at?
LJ: Mom has the coolest toy over there, but it looks
like I won't be able to get my hands on it.
EJ: Then what'll we do for fun instead?

LJ: Never mind, cuz. I'll show you the ropes around here.
EJ: Grrrr...

LJ: First, I'd like to play with that gorgeous hair of yours.
Where'd ya get that from, huh?
EJ: Well it probably came from my mom, her
hair's a lot nicer than your mom's

EJ: Hey! I was totally kidding!! Yeesh.
LJ: Sorry about that...can I still play with your hair anyway?
EJ: Sure, I'll just check out your awesome diaper while you're busy.
Is that cookie monster? Lucky!!

LJ: Yeah, once you go up to size 3, the cartoon characters get really cool.
EJ: Grrrr....
LJ: Listen, girlfriend, you gotta tell your mom to stop
with the KY on your head...the residue is killer. Plus, you're like, what?
7 months old now? KY is for babies.

EJ: Yeah, mom sometimes even wipes my face with a
napkin that she licked. Parents...so lame.
LJ: Tell me about it! My mom insists on making me wear
sissie's old clothes. But...I can't even walk yet...whatayagonnado?
EJ: Grrrr...

LJ: Why do you keep growling at me?! Stop it!
EJ: Hey! I'm just speaking a different language than you,
it's no big deal! I said, 'I couldn't agree more.'

LJ: Ooohhhh....well you gotta teach it to me! We could
have our own secret language together! Our mom's would be
soooo clueless!
EJ: Grrrr....
LJ: Was that...did you say you wanted to play with some toys now?

EJ: That's right! You are as smart as your mom says!
LJ: Aawww...(blushes)...Thanks Evie! You're the
smart one for coming up with your own language!
Whadayasay we go take a bath and get that KY outta
your gorgeous hair?
EJ: Grrr...OOOOoouuhh.

EJ: I've never been in a tub without a special seat for myself before.
This is way cool!
LJ: You're doing great! Plus, you get to sit by my big sister.
She's so awesome...you should see her get her way with
mom and dad.

EJ: Uhhh...I think I'm about ready to get out...I'd hate to pee
in your bathwater.
LJ: No prob, cuz! I just peed a minute ago...


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  1. What amazingly smart little people. Although that Lauren really does need to learn a little bladder control! LOL! Great way to get inside their heads, Sarah!


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