Thursday, January 15, 2009

Too Cold To Think

It's frrrreeezing. Too cold for humans, too cold for smiles, too cold for walking 10 steps to a building from your car.

It is only 7 degrees right now. Roughly 65 degrees south of where I'm comfortable. Dad? If you're reading this in San Diego? Stay there! You'd cry it's so cold...but then your tears would freeze by the time they reached your beard, and you'd turn right back around and buy a plane ticket back to California. The wind chill is 6 below - it bites at your skin.

This morning, both girls were covered in multiple blankets in the car (which was in the garage to start with) and the heater still wasn't up to snuff by the time we reached Mia's preschool. Lauren is far too heavy to be carried in her car seat any longer, but I didn't want to risk taking her out of it and letting the cold air touch her. So I hauled her into the building with a blanket tucked all around her, including her face.

This is where my superhuman mom-strength showed up, because Mia clung to me for warmth when I lifted her out of the car; she wouldn't let go of my neck, and I ended up carrying both of them into the building. I do that a lot (Dear Back Muscles: Thank you and I'm sorry.) but usually just with one girl in each arm. The car seat adds a whole 'nother level of balance and contorting in order to heave it along beside me.

I think, though, that I was clinging to Mia's warmth as much as she was to mine.

At least it's not as cold here as it was in Glenwood, Minnesota this morning. I read here that their wind chill was 54 below. Huh? I can't even register that temperature.

Anyway, stay warm where you are, or if you are warmer than us...enjoy it!


  1. In reading an article about the weather a man from Maine put it in perspective. "30 below doesn't seem that much different from 20 below," he said. How's that for positive thinking? LOL

  2. Absolutely! Once you're numb, what's a few more degrees in either direction!


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