Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Heavenly Nana

Today is my mom's birthday!

In a little tribute to the woman I most admire and love, here are some photos which I believe will help you to know and love her a little better, too.

She is tender and caring, generous and compassionate.

She can really make us laugh -- sometimes accidentally so.

She's always available if you need to have a chat, and her feedback is both wise and helpful.

She can rock a sun visor; this makes her super cool. We mortals can only hope to successfully wear a sun visor in our lifetimes, while she makes it look natural. Not goofy at all. Nope.

She knows how to keep herself (and others) busy. There's never a dull moment at Nana's house.

She has an addictive laugh (and a hereditary one, it would seem -- I sometimes honk right along with her), a positively joyful spirit, and an uplifting personality.

And if you ever get to wish her Happy Birthday in person, she'll somehow manage to turn the compliment back around on you, leaving you happier than you were before. She's a blessing like that.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Here's to another year of embarrassing photo opportunities and snuggly baby kisses. I'll do my best to make sure there are plenty of both.

You just keep that visor handy, OK?


  1. My mom has just announced that she's going by Nana too. Great name! :) And she also wears visors.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEAVENLY NANA!! I hpoe it's wonderful! Well done holding those two babies at the same time and making it look easy!

  2. So sweet to your mom! I bet you just made her day!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom, and what a sweet tribute! Love all the pictures!

  4. My Mom also goes by Nana, although she does not wear visors. I think you look a lot like her!

  5. Aw, makes ME want to give your mom a birthday hug. Great tribute.

  6. Love, Love, Love your mom! She is the sweetest Nanna ever and does have a great laugh. The sunvisor does look good on here, she can pull it off! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  7. Happy Birthday, Heavenly Nana! All those pictures are really sweet--and I love the visor!

  8. Such a beautiful tribute to your mother. You are blessed!

  9. What a wonderful G-Ma (Nana) she is!


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