Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One Last Christmas Post

Being a selfish human, I was thrilled with the gifts I received on Christmas. And being a blogging human, I must show some of them to you.

You already saw my lemon apron, which was a gift from my sweet husband. I was so excited that I wore it for the rest of the day. It's cheery and confident and clean -- perfect for my kitchen, which is decidedly not confident or clean. Cheery, though, yes. What I didn't expect was the gift my mom presented me with later in the day: another apron! You can't tell from this picture, because sitting the camera on top of a lamp and pushing the timer button doesn't provide for the best focus -- either that or I'm a horrible photographer, which is a true story -- but the apron is the sweetest purple with tiny white polka dots.

This apron, though, she MADE. She sewed it herself, along with a tiny matching apron for Mia. I was floored! I had no idea she was going to such trouble for my Christmas gift. Thank you, mom! It's gorgeous!

In keeping with my kitchen-themed Christmas, I also got two new cookbooks. One, I'd begged for: The Pioneer Woman Cooks, from my mom. The other, I'd never heard of, but am very impressed with: The Amish Cook's Baking Book, from my husband. It's so full of wonderful stories and recipes, and its focus is on one of my favorite kitchen activities, baking. Justin did a very good job picking it out -- I've already made a fabulous pecan pie from its pages.

My parents also got me this pretty cranberry and white rectangle platter from Pampered Chef. I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with it yet, but I love it. I'd like to be able to keep it out as a centerpiece or something, but I'm falling blank on how to make that happen in an attractive way. Any suggestions?

And something I'd completely forgotten about wanting were these reusable baggies from my sister-in-law. They're called WasteNot Saks, and they're adorable! I can't wait to send Mia to preschool with these in her lunchbox. Or to send one in Justin's lunch and hear about the ribbing he gets for having a weird wife. Aren't they cute, though?!

I was also so excited about my spa and bookstore gift certificates. If I can manage to use the two together on the same day, you will be hearing from one contented mama. I can't imagine the repercussions of such bliss.

One thing I was not terribly excited about receiving was this little lady:

At my family's white elephant gift exchange, she landed in my unwilling lap. Luckily, I jumped at the chance to trade her off for a giant hot cocoa mug, but it wasn't meant to last. My dreamy daughter, Mia, batted her eyelashes at her Uncle Sam and told him in her sweetest voice how much she loved the doll. With one swift motion, the doll was ours. Forever. She loves it too much to not notice it's mysterious absence, so we're left plotting revenge on Uncle Sam.

Mia's slept with it ever since, and my stomach turns when I think about those provocative lips and tushie being anywhere close to my baby.

But. This too shall pass.

So tell me: What gifts were you excited about this Christmas? And if you tell me a Bratz Doll, we might not be able to be friends anymore.

Mia will still love you, though.


  1. Love the cookbooks! :)

    My mom sent me a new pair of boots. They're amazing. I even wear them as house shoes!

    As far as your Brats doll, stitch up an oversized hoodie for her to keep her covered up. Tell Mia that its winter and she needs a coat. I don't have any suggestions for covering up those provocative lips though.

  2. Ooh I'm with you there....not high on my list is the Bratz doll :)
    Funny enough, we've not had any Christmas yet. Darned weather, and schedules. This weekend & next.
    HOWEVER....My hubby gave me a Nintendo Game Cube with MARIO KART. Some may think this is like getting a toaster or a bathroom scale....NOT me :) I Heart Mario Kart!! It was so sweet of him :)

  3. Oh, what great gifts! I can't wait to see you and Mia in the kitchen cooking up a storm in your matching aprons! Maybe you can ask Lauren to take the picture for you :)

    Those reusable baggie are cute - I've never seen such a thing!

    And the Bratz monster is sadly uncute - I'm sorry you ended up with her. I'm so impressed with your calm attitude towards it, even though it makes you (and most all decent women) nauseous. I can't wait to hear what revenge you exact!

  4. I love the apron your mom made for you! Homemade gifts are the best, aren't they? And how sweet that she made a matching one for Mia.

    I am extraordinarily jealous of your cookbooks. I could own dozens of cookbooks and still want more. Share some of your favorite recipes once you've compiled a list, pretty please?

    My favorite gift was from my hubby: this necklace (by Lisa Leonard). I adore pearls and the customized pendants with the first initials of each of my boys makes it already one of my most cherished possessions :)

  5. Oh my goodness -- I love your aprons! And what a sweet idea for your mom to make one for both you and Mia!!

    I, too, got the Pioneer Woman's cookbook and I can't wait to dig in. I love that your husband picked out the Amish Baking Book for you -- so sweet!

  6. Oooohh, I have seen the Amish Cookbook before, and I may have even drooled over it bit as well.

    The apron is so thoughtful and something to forever keep! If I had known about it, I would have given her a compliment in person as we just happen to see her this past weekend while visiting the old stomping grounds!!!

    What a loved lady you are!! Glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!

  7. The apron your mom made is so cute. I see you are a back-tie-er with aprons. I go crazy if I cannot tie it in front. In fact, if the strings are not long enough to tie in front I simply don't wear the apron.

    I am jealous-I want PW Cooks but I think my hubby will think it is too weird.

    I think perhaps something artful with pine cones, ribbon and candles for the platter? I have a Factory Direct near me and the place is a gold mine for candles and sooo cheap. If you have one, go there. I am sure you would find something that would look well on your platter.

  8. You know you're going to make me want an apron now! I don't even cook much; I made some soup the other day and it was the first real cooking I had done in months. I really want to see you and Mia with the matching aprons.

    I mostly got DVD's and books. Perfect! I also got a cookbook, and I'm quite excited about it. And one other thing... but I was really weirded out by it, so I will not pass on the weirdness here.

  9. Those aprons are delish! I'm sorry you are stuck with a Bratz doll... it always creeps me out that those things are even MADE for little girls to play with.

  10. I love those reusable bags! Thanks for providing the link. I really might get some. Your mom did a great job with that apron, too. It's super cute. (Sigh. I wish I could sew.) Next maybe she'll make Mia a pretty new outfit for that doll...

  11. Wait! I've got it! I remember an old post of yours where Mia was trying to bake some princess dolls in the oven...maybe it's time to finish that experiment.

  12. Fruit for the platter. Apples, pears, oranges, etc. Or pine cones. You can change it up.

    Lovely gifts. I have the PW Cookbook but haven't made anything yet.

    Good luck with the Bratz Doll. I am mean and cold hearted and would throw it out anyway.


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