Thursday, June 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #17

My husband's put a monkey on my back, telling me I need more pictures on this blog and less words. Of course, that's only so he'll have less to dutifully read each night. But as a dutiful spouse myself, I thought I'd aim for lotsa pictures today. We'll see how it goes.

1. Lauren is a little spitfire these days. She's bursting with activity and learning new things every minute. Or - to rephrase - she's bursting with mischief and learning new tricks every minute. This week, she started poking food with a fork and actually getting said food into her mouth. Isn't she young for this? Or maybe I just have a different reference point - we're still trying to coerce Mia into feeding herself, and she's 3 and a half. Another new trick? She's beginning to point out and name body parts. Nose, Eyes, Belly Button, Mouth. Endless fun from a new toddler's standpoint. (Since the monkey on my back is saying I thought you said PICTURES? I'll stop rambling now and get to the point.)

And a very adorable point she is, while demonstrating her belly button location technique. Look at those baby blues.

2. Lauren had a run-in with a wrought iron stand-up mirror this week as well. It was our first busted bloody lip in this household, and it was no fun at all. In this picture, you can see the banged up left corner of her mouth, and a little of the bruise on her cheek.

That is, if you can get around that sassy little pointer finger. I believe she was getting ready to show me where my mouth was right when I snapped the shutter.

3. Last week, I mentioned that my garden is flourishing. It's flourishing so well that I think it may overflow it's allotted space because the bed is too darn full. As if that were a problem. But now I've got a real problem.

This pretty lil' gal, or someone quite like her, has been munching on my cabbages and broccoli, laying tiny eggs within the leaves. But not for long. I've got some Baccilus-something-or-other that will hopefully send her for a long night's sleep in the cabbage patch in the sky so my garden can get back on track. After all, I can't let this entire TANGLE of veggie plants be eaten by bugs, can I?

That just wouldn't be fair to my handsome raised-vegetable-bed-builder.

4. Speaking of him, he and Mia had a story-time party in the 'play-house' (as Mia calls it) earlier this week just before bedtime. It was way cute.

5. Even cuter was this face they both pulled at the same time, without either one having knowledge of what the other was doing. Classic.

6. This next picture is one I forgot to add to my Mia Goes To The Library post earlier this week. (It was a smashing good time; you should go check it out if you haven't already.) Since I have this weird feeling about altering a post after it's already been published, I didn't put it in the original post. It feels like cheating. Against whom, I'm not sure, but I just feel wrong about doing it.

I believe I just heard the clear voice of my junior high spanish teacher saying "YOU'RE ONLY CHEATING YOURSELVES! AND I WILL CATCH YOU!"

At any rate, here's the picture I would have posted with the story if I didn't have some deep-seated scholastic issues.

I know what you're thinking: Wow, all that and it's not even that great of a photo. What a Heavenly Weirdo. But wait! I wanted to show you the sticker! It says "I got my library card today!" and Mia wore it proudly for the entire day. Cool, huh?

Oh, never mind.

7. Last week I mentioned my niece, Evie, was turning one. We had a great time at her birthday party, and the pictures turned out so summery and fun.

Speaking of baby blues...Mia and Lauren have them in matching shades of beautiful.

For more quick takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary. Here's wishing you a caterpillar-free weekend! (I'll hope for the same...)


  1. Love the Daddy & Daughter picture- very cute! And the party pics are great too. What a fun theme... I dig the cake.

  2. Boy, are they CUTE or what?!?

  3. I am in awe of your vegetable plants! I can't even grow a zuccini (or apparently, spell the word either) - and those are supposed to be the easiest plants ever.

    Your daughters are so cute! And rather smart and talented too, from the sound of things. :-)

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your very nice comment. I swear a compliment from a stranger just makes me happy the whole rest of the day. So, thanks again! :-)

  4. Way cute pictures! We love the one of Justin and Mia's matching faces! Thanks for the birthday party pictures too, wish we could have been there! Speaking of that, we are coming mid August, so we will all have to get together!

  5. Lenae- I KNOW! That cake was adorable, huh? My sisterinlaw Emily made it and I was super impressed.

    Danelle- We'll definitely make time to see all 5 of you. FIVE!

  6. thanks for stopping by! And I am SO NOT organized. I struggle with it, always have, my only success comes with simple plans, written down, post it notes on my bathroom mirror to remind me what to do next. I have a very organized daughter that keeps me on track, now that she is 14. I am a good planner, she is good at keeping it going. I loved reading about your blue eyed beauties. I'll be back!

  7. This is my first visit to your blog, and I love it! I scrolled down and read a few posts (in addition to this one) and really enjoyed what I read. I look forward to reading more when I have time (my husband is waiting to use the computer). I did want to mention that your garden looks great! Mine is just starting to come in and desperately needs to be weeded. Also, your little girls are adorable!

  8. I love your garden! Ours is, um, still waiting to be planted. heh.

    Your family is beautiful!

  9. wow, garden looks Great! I love the story time in the playhouse, too cute! and what a fun looking party! let's see what did I miss....oh yeah your girls are stinkin cute!!


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