Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mia Goes To The Library

We have a book at our house called 'Lola Goes To The Library,' about a little girl (can you guess what her name is?) and her favorite place to be (can you guess where it is?). Mia's loved this book for a long time, and for some reason I really like it too. I don't know if it's a particularly good children's story, but it's stuck tight at our house which is a good rating as far as I'm concerned when you take into account our high turnover rate for favorite stories.

Being on summer break, and being in a transitory period between Lauren needing two naps and one, I found myself with NOTHING to do yesterday morning. Usually, I'd put LJ down for a nap and play My Little Ponies with Mia before cleaning some area of the house that could no longer be ignored. But in an effort to keep the baby (toddler?!?) entertained and awake, I decided to pack up our book-loving selves and head to the library.

The library is a place I'd fallen out of the habit of visiting since Lauren's come along. With Mia, we went to different activities and story times pretty often, and I remember being worn out after our library trips. She was a rambunctious and willful toddler (isn't that the DEFINITION of toddler?), and it was common for me to be sweating and cranky by the time we left the building. Oddly, though, it was a sanctuary despite all the tantrums and screaming. The children's librarians seemed to accept Mia's sometimes embarrassing behavior with joy. I imagine they saw that sort of thing all the time - just never when I was around to see that it happened to other mothers too - and were happy to be there for us, offering reasons for me to get us out of the house. God bless children's librarians everywhere for having the heart to wish US upon themselves. And for being gracious in answering questions from a mom with a twisting, flailing, screaming toddler in her arms, (hypothetically speaking...) all while seeming pleased to help.

Holding tightly to those memories of the library, I had a hard time imagining myself darkening their doors with not one, but two children in tow. I knew the day would come, but I wasn't ready for a long time to attempt it. Luckily, I didn't put it off so long that it became a massive, looming obstacle. Oh wait....

That is what I did.

When I made the decision to go to the library yesterday morning, I first had a talk with Mia. It was largely unnecessary, because she is more often well-behaved than not these days, but I am nothing if not thorough with THE RULES. She was so excited to be going to the library (just! like! LOLA!) that I kicked myself for a few seconds for being such a ninny. I was still concerned that Lauren would be mad about being confined to the stroller but cheerios will shut that girl up right quick, so on we pushed.

It was spectacular. No, really. I know you're thinking seriously? We're talking about the library here? But fo' reals, yo. It was awesome. And not just because I love books down to the toes of my soul; Mia was so overwhelmed with joy that I think she nearly expired from excitement. I almost had to sweep up sparkling bits of exploded Mia from the children's library floor. We chose 5 books that she decided she couldn't live without, and then went to sign her up for her very own library card. Swoon.

The best part? My favorite librarian remembered us - by name - after almost a year and a half of absence. She was happy to see us back. I almost hugged her.

But then she probably would have been less HAPPY and more AWKWARD.

And I'd have left the library sweaty and embarrassed, yet again.


  1. Fo' reals, yo. ...That's my favorite phrase from this post :) And I applaud you; the thought of trucking into the library with both my boys Terrifies me (with a capital T, see?)

  2. I too can relate. Nolan always starts screaming in the quietest part of the library, it's like he just senses it. I'm going to make Nolan a shirt one day that says, "Put a cheerio in it." I will make Lauren one too..LOL

  3. I miss the library. I used to take Kenna and Randy every week. But since the little screamer has come along, we really don't do things like that anymore! One of these days I'll brave it again...maybe!


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