Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

This past weekend, in preparation for building our veggie bed we had to make a trip to Lowe's. I love that place. It's full of ideas and inspiration...and expensive projects we'll probably never get around to doing, but still. The store is like a Candyland for homeowners.

If only I looked like I knew my way around the place. I had my handy-dandy list of supplies carefully denoted on a pretty piece of stationary. While Justin and Mia searched for a big cart in which to haul our lumber, I pushed Lauren in the stroller, trying to figure out what I needed to look for first. I must have had a bewildered glow about me, because a few kind souls asked if I needed some help.

Instead of correcting them that I needed more than just some help, I smiled and nodded. When a teenage lumber-yard associate asked exactly what I was looking for, I handed over my frilly list of items. He looked at me like I was on the short bus - but he was very helpful. How could I have been expected to find a 7/64 #8 counter sink bit all on my lonesome? I would have been flailing aimlessly in a sea of drill bits if not for his kindness.

By this time, Justin and Mia had located a cart, loaded up the 2 x 6's we needed, and joined us at the drill bits. As the young guy consulted with another associate about the best item according to my list, Mia slowly crept closer and closer to them. She had pulled out her best bashful expression, and I could tell she wanted nothing more than some attention from these manly young men. (On a side note, OH HOW SHE FLIRTS.)

When they were both too engrossed in their task to notice her, she quietly wrapped her little arms around the lumber guy's cargo short-ed legs and hugged him with all the adoration she could muster.

I talked her into removing herself, while the guys finally gave her what she wanted: smiles and laughter. She was in three-year-old heaven.

What a sight we must have made. Justin pushing the lumber while Mia yelled out that she wanted to be the line leader. Mia walking about 3 inches in front of the cart, looking over her shoulder to make sure we all stayed behind her. Me swiveling my head between the aisles and my pretty list to locate our next item. Lauren tossing her toys out of the stroller repeatedly. And the passel of lumber yard guys answering all our questions tirelessly.

I like to think we provided some comic relief in their otherwise hard-working and heavy-lifting day.

It was a great shopping trip.

All that was left was to actually use the supplies in order to build the veggie bed. But Pioneer Woman was right. It was pretty easy, even for a housewife like me.

I only had to get Justin one cold drink the whole time he was out there working. Piece'a cake.

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