Monday, April 6, 2009

Bedtime Stories, Interrupted

Tonight, Aladdin was attempted. A few pages in, the questioning began.

Jasmine ran tearfully into the gardens and hugged her pet tiger.
Mia: What was her tiger?
Me: Ummm...he's her pet.
Mia: Was he....born?
Me: Yeeesss...?

Suddenly the royal guards arrived and arrested Aladdin. "Release him!" Jasmine cried,
Mia: Who got him?
Me: The guards. "Release him!" Jasmine cried,
Mia: What did they take him to?
Me: To the dungeon. Jasmine
Mia: What were they yelling about?
Me: Ay yay yay...

The tiger head that guarded the cave had told Jafar that only a "Diamond in the rough" could enter th..
Mia: Does he have pointy teeth?
Me: Yup. Only a "Diamond in the rough"
Mia: He's just a tiny little thing! (pointing to the picture)
Me: Uh-huh. Could enter the cave of wond..
Mia: What's he tiny about?
Me: Weeellll...he's just tiny. the cave of wonders...someone who's worth was hidden deep with..
Mia: He's just a silly little guy!

Forgetting the warning, Abu quickly snatched up the jewel. At that very..
Mia: Is that sparkly?!
Me: Yes. At that very momen..
Mia: What's he looking at?
Me: At Abu and the jewel. At that ver..
Mia: At the SPARKLY jewel?
Me: Yeah. At tha..
Mia: He's a silly little fella!

Abu became a magnificent elephant that would carry Aladdin into Agrab..
Mia: What did he want to be?
Me: An elephant. ..that would carry Aladd..
Mia: What is his nose long about?
Me: ...sooooo...he can smell things far away? ..that would carry..
Mia: He's a silly little guy!

I could go on, but what's the use? You're asleep by now anyway, right?

This is the point of bedtime stories, after all.


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