Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesdays Around the World: Evening Shade

After the sun, after the water, after the splashes and squeals and kicks...

He is ready to lay still in the evening shade for one, precious moment.  The water was cool but the air is warm.  A soft cloth against damp goosebumps.

But this boy -- this tiny, quiet, beautiful boy -- will not be still for long.

He flips and rolls, discovering the prickles of grass, a fallen leaf, an expanse of lawn...

and he is off.  On his own.  For the very first time and for the millionth time, it just keeps happening.  Children were born to crawl away. 

And mothers were born to watch them go.  We hold our arms limp at our sides, waiting for our embodied hearts -- those children who fill us up -- to turn back, just for a piece of a moment, from their onward adventures.  To need us again.

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  1. I love that place you're in right now, that edge of movement and watching it all happen. Beautiful.

  2. He is so adorable! Seeing the world through his eyes will be such a fun journey!

  3. Wait. When did he start crawling? Tell him to slow down! Oh, I've got to hurry and get there before that little guy starts walking!

    He's just so sweet, Sarah. I loved this moment.

  4. Heh. Yah Toby's mom tells me the same thing: that mothering is a process of preparing your kids (and yourself, I imagine!) for them to leave you. Enjoy the giggles and cute faces along the way! Nice to see you at Communal Global, btw!


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