Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heavenly Pineapple Cake

I'm a huge fan of real cake recipes.  Those that call for an exhausting list of ingredients and a complicated method of baking, well -- they make me feel like a pastry chef, and that makes me happy.  They also make me feel exhausted and complicated.  Two emotions that don't fit well on my current schedule of baby/preschooler/first-grader  naps/messes/errands. 

Sometimes a sweet treat needs to be fuss-free.  Easy.  Impossible to ruin if a disaster of three-child proportions strike somewhere between sifting and folding. 

This cake accomplishes all of those qualifications.  Heavenly Pineapple Cake is simple, easy, fast, and easy.  Also simple.  And easy.  Seriously, it only has TWO ingredients and TWO steps to completion.  (Perfect for a TWO-year Bigger Picture Birthday Celebration!

If that weren't enough, it's also delightfully sweet and delicious.  This cake is spongy and tangy and melty-in-mouthy.  I had to put a moratorium on cake-eating because two-thirds of the pan was empty before I'd managed to snap a photo! 

All of that before I remembered that I wanted to top it with freshly whipped cream.  It was fun and sweet either way: everything I could ask for in an easy, summer treat.  Enjoy!

Heavenly Pineapple Cake

1 box Angel food cake mix
1 (20 oz.) can crushed pineapple

Combine cake mix and crushed pineapple (with juice) in large bowl.  Pour into an ungreased 9x13 pan and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.  Marvel at your dessert-baking skillz. 

I'm including this in today's Bigger Picture Blogs birthday celebration!  Please share your sweet recipes with us today as we party like TWO year olds!


  1. Oh that DOES look yummy!! (And also I might be stealing this for a baking day with the kids at The SOLD Project...) And I love how you incorporated the 2x2 theme! Clever you are.

    (Is the linky for this here or is it going to be on BPB's site?)

  2. Um really. That is seriously amazing!!! I am so making it!!!!!! My hubby loves pineapple! So. really. you can't lose there! Mmm!

  3. Amen! Fast and easy during the summer because WHO has the time? Seriously who is she? Can I trade places with her? Ha! This cake looks SO LIGHT, SO AIRY, SO TROPICAL... and I'm imagining it in my mouth right now. Yum. YUM! YUMMMM!

  4. Wow! This looks great! and so does that mango, lime, coconut cheesecake on BPB. It's mango season here in Panama, may have to be making that soon! -Danni

  5. Oh, this makes me sigh as I think how much my father-in-law would have loved it. Will have to make it in memory of that pineapple loving guy.

  6. So I don't even like pinapple but that looks so tasty!


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