Friday, July 8, 2011

Some Quickety Quick Takes for July

1.  Do you know what this post is?  Yes, it's a random list of chatty nonsense.  Yes, it's a fairly regular feature here at Heavenly House.  But this post is special, because this post is my eight-hundred-and-FIRST post.  801.  I'm stunned that I actually have that much to say, but what I really want to know is this:

Is there anyone in the world who's actually read all 801 of my blog posts? 

Not even my mom can say that. (Sniff.)  Not even my husband.  (Sob.)  So, if you think you've mastered this most impressive of accomplishments, I hereby grant you 500 bonus points.  Don't spend them all at once, y'hear?

2.  There are a few skills I've realized that I will be useless at teaching my children: first, how to transfer towels to the dryer.  With invariable, unfailing certainty, I leave the towels in the washer for a day and a half, until the mildewy smell emanating from our laundry room serves to remind me of my foul.  A double hot-water wash does the trick, though, but yeesh.  How hard is this to master?  I never forget actual clothing, but towels seem to throw a wrench in my secret plans to obtain a Housewife of the Year award.

3.  Second, I will never be able to teach my children how to hold a sparkler.  I hate the things.  They shoot fiery sparks in all directions, and it's a wonder I'll even let Mia try to hold one.  This year at a 4th of July party we attended, Justin tried to teach her the joy of sparkling.

He helped her gain her grip. 

And he jumped back as she threw the burning stick haphazardly backwards when she realized how evil a game this was.

I'll remind you never to stand near Mia when she's sparkling in the future, okay?  She's a tosser.

4.  Third, I'll never be able to teach my children how to swim, because I'm no good at going under water.  I don't like the tickly invasion of my ears or nose, so how on earth will I ever prove that it's okay to go under if I can't model it for them without cringing?

Third-party swim lessons, that's how.

5.  Speaking of those lessons, they began this week for Mia.  

She's having the most stupendously bodacious time of her young life (so she says, but in less sarcastic terms) learning how to blow bubbles and kick effectively and dunk her head under water.

6.  Something I might be able to accidentally impart to my children?  A love of photography.  (But I hesitate to call any of my attempts photography -- that would imply knowledge and artistic ability and...whatever.)  Lauren is prone to picking up her camera/upside-down binoculars and snapping pretend photos of whatever project she's been working on.  In this case, she was entombing a hapless princess within a puddle of green goo. 

We're rough on our princesses around here...

7.  You guys!  Do you remember when I lost my engagement ring?  Rather, do you remember when my princess-torturing preschooler lost my engagement ring for me? 

Guess what we found under her dresser when we combined the girls' bedrooms last weekend?

Yep.  I am whole again.

Thanks for visiting with me today!  Have a beautiful weekend, and stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes!


  1. I love your posts and I think that I might have actually read all of them but if I haven't I have some catching up to do because I just love reading them! Where does Mia take swim lessons....Savannah needs some too because I certainly can't teach her how ha ha. And yay so glad you found your ring!

  2. random posts are the best! My kids tried sparklers for the first time this year, too. They begged me over and over to get them out and try, and my response was, "Go get your dad" cause I am terrified of those things!

    Congrats on finding your ring. I can't imagine not having mine on my finger...the sentimental value is priceless!

    Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Yay for finding the ring! And congrats on your 801 posts. I hit that milestone a few weeks ago, and I had the same reaction: wow, really? I've had that much to say? We apparently we both have! Happy weekend, Sarah!

  4. Katie- I think you might be right: you've been here from the very start! My most loyal participant in this crazy journey :) You know that makes YOU crazy, too, right? :)

    Robin- I know! 'Go get your dad' works in so many situations!

    Hy- I thought I remembered seeing 800 as a milestone somewhere else. Let's start the 'overly verbose and underly censored' club :)

  5. YAY for the ring!!!
    I'm so with you on sparklers... and the towel thing. I don't know why, but towels do it to me every time.

  6. Yay for finding the ring! And I love Lauren's binocular camera. Also, thanks for reminding me that I still have some things in the dryer from a few days ago... (At least it was the dryer, I guess)

  7. Well, I definitely haven't read all 801, because that would mean I'd probably be reading your blog 24/7 since I found it a few months ago! I love the picture of the princess in the goo, priceless!

  8. I have! I've read every last one of them! Cause I'm a stalker like that! Also because you're so awesome!

    And yeah, I don't blame Mia at all for throwing that sparkler back and letting people get themselves out of the way - it IS on FIRE!


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