Friday, April 8, 2011

7 Things I Learned This Week

1.  If there is a hard-boiled egg in your refrigerator and you can't exactly remember the date on which it was placed there, it's better NOT to take a test-bite.  This will lead to much heaving over the kitchen sink, even if you're not 13 weeks pregnant.

2.  When you remove your wedding rings to slather lotion on your hands, it's not advisable to leave them lounging on a counter-top where they might be discovered by a 3-year-old's inquisitive fingers.  You'll be left with a missing engagement ring and heart full of remorse. 

3.  However this question is phrased, you will never ever be able to give a coherent answer: Hey mom?  Why is your voice a circle?

4.  It is quite possible to drink your doctor's recommended daily ounces of milk, but it may require more Oreo cookie consumption than he'd be comfortable with.  It's a tough trade-off, but somebody's gotta do it.

5.  Being overly proud of yourself for remembering to pay the bills on time will quickly fade into irritation the next day when you realize that you've left the required checkbook at home on the bill-paying desk instead of bringing it to the (overdue) ballet appointment.

6.  When you clean the toilet and your husband remarks upon its brilliance with both surprise and awe, you'll know that you've waited too long between cleanings.  You'll also know that it's time for hubby to wield his own toilet brush more often, since he appreciates the darn gleam so much.

7.  On the night before your daughter's preschool class is having an egg-drop competition, in which the whole family was supposed to participate in creating a suitably cushy egg-dropping-contraption, you'll realize that no matter your age, you will always be a procrastinator.  (Thankfully, the egg won't suffer the consequences -- you may be perpetually late, but you're also a genius.)

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  1. Good lessons - the Oreo one is my favorite :)

  2. i don't think my toilet was ever so clean as when i was pregnant (and had such a close-up view!)

    hope your weekend is lovely and restful--sounds like quite a week!

  3. 1. Grrooossss!

    2. Oh thats terrible. I hope it turns up. My girls broke the chain on the pearl necklace I wore for my wedding, the same week I lost one of my pearl earings. Prengnancy made both losses feel even more awful.

    4. Don't feel bad, I've been baking chocolate chip cookies every week because I can't get enough of them dipped in milk! I think our milk consumption has gone up!

    6. Hahaha! My husband doesn't notice when I clean ours. I had to train him to notice the dirty dishes when he took over dishwashing duty!

  4. Oh no about the ring! Did you find it yet? I hope it shows up.

    Also, I'm not pregnant, and I don't clean the toilets often enough for my husband's liking. Can't help it. It's just not my thing. ;)

  5. I loved the one about cleaning the toilet! I am so paranoid about my cleaning skills, or lack thereof, that I sometimes get offended when my husband compliments me on the house because I'm thinking. "so was it really that bad before??"

  6. I hope you've found your ring, but if you haven't yet...I know you uh don't really like the there a chance it's laying in there waiting to be rescued? Or how about checking the floor vents or are yours in the ceiling...anyhoo I sure do hope it shows up, but if not you still have all the blessings you've gained since receiving it :)


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