Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Lauren: In her carseat.  I want to eat!  I want to eat...A CAR!
Me: Whoa!  That's humongous!  What color car will you eat?
Lauren: Umm...red!  No...purple!
Me: Mmmm....yummy.  What does a purple car taste like?
Lauren: A house.
Me: Really?  And what does a house taste like?
Lauren: A car.


At lunch.
Lauren: Placing a single purple grape next to another, single purple grape on her plate.  Look, mama!  I made a turkey!


Mia: Hauling her new play Doctor's kit around the living room.  Dad, you're going to be sick -- go over there by the Christmas tree so I can take care of you, okay?
Dad: Lying obediently on the floor.
Mia: Arranging stethoscope.  Let me listen to your heart.
Dad: What's it sound like?
Mia: Hmmm....popcorn popping.
Dad: Flummoxed and impressed.
Mia: Now, you need to rest for juuuuuust about ten days, and then your germs will be all gone.
Dad: Awesome.


  1. I love the silliness that comes with creative kids! :)
    (the popcorn popping thing is so accurate!!)

  2. Adorable! I hope your husband is okay... sounds like it could be a murmur. ;)

  3. Love it! And so wish the world were really that simple!!

  4. Hehehe! I want a DR to tell me that I need to rest for 10 days, So cute!!

  5. That Lauren is so smart. Of course if a purple car taste like a house then a house tastes like a car! I think she could pass a college level logic class right now!


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