Monday, December 13, 2010

Rainbow Birthday Parties: Head-to-Head

I may have been overambitious and my expectations may have been stress-inducing, but Mia's two birthday parties were fun -- and now they are done.  They both had their special moments (some more happy than others):

In this corner: Birthday Party #1

Our house was packed with family, and the noise was deafening.  Mia was gracious and polite -- except for when she wasn't. 

She did remember to say a sweet Thank You to each gift-giver, which is always a relief.

Lauren didn't feel too left out, mostly because she inserted herself helpfully into every situation.

And the cake was a success! 

(Quite a time-consuming success, but that still counts.  Plus, it was goooood despite the obscene amounts of buttercream frosting required for assembly.)

All around, it was a great party, don't you think?

And in this corner: Birthday Party #2

The bouncy house was mostly deserted (but still, the noise was deafening), and a wonderful handful of kids showed up to play with us.

Sweet, playful Jacqui
 Unfortunately, they were greeted by a sickly birthday girl.  We almost didn't bring her to her own party, but when she declared perfect health, we succumbed, thankfully.  Because how bad is it to host a party where there's no birthday girl?  What would that even look like?  As it was, she laid on her daddy's shoulder the entire time.

Mia's friends had a GREAT party!

The lone boy: handsome Cameron
Mia, on the other hand, fell asleep in a quiet party room.

And the cake? 

Yum!  Much simpler to make, and just as sweetly fun. 

So what do you think?  Which party wins?  The family party with a stacked up rainbow cake?  Or the friends party with a no-show birthday girl?

Either way -- I have a lot of leftover cake!


  1. THose cakes are amazing! Lookes like she had fun at the first one at least!

  2. oh my, those cakes are AWESOME.
    I'm sorry she wasn't feeling well for her second party :(

  3. Both parties looked fun in their own way! But poor Mia -- what a bummer to be sick for the one at the bouncy house!

    Great job on those cakes! Wow!

  4. I'm so impressed with your layered rainbow cake! Both cakes look delicious. Poor Mia getting sick for her party :( But that pic of her sleeping on your hubbies chest is so sweet!

  5. I love both parties! Although it looks like Mia maybe enjoyed the family one a little better... poor girl!

    But those cakes! THOSE CAKES!!! Simply amazing! All those layers?! All those bright colors?! Perfection! I'll be storing these away in my "awesome cake ideas" file in my mind.

  6. Yummy cake and a snuggly dad ~ what a great way to start a new year! Hope she feels better soon.

  7. Oooh! I love both parties and both cakes! I think I like the inside of the first cake but the outside of the second cake the most. Hope Mia is feeling better! Such a bummer to be sick for your birthday party!

  8. Poor Mia! Sick at her own birthday party. That's just not fair.

    I hope the sugar rush she must have gotten from those two amazing cakes comforted her in her time of need. :)

  9. Wow! Both of those rainbow cakes are beautiful! But I'd have to say the party where the birthday girl wasn't sick has to be the winner.

  10. I think they were both total winners. Love it.

  11. Poor pookie Mia. I'm sure she had a lovely birthday with or without being sick. (hugs)

    You work it, mama! Those cakes are incredible. I adore them both.


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