Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Tantrums Here (Only Giveaways...)

I'm two years old today.  That is, This Heavenly Life is two years old today.


And this is something crazy like post number 645, which blows my mind -- MAN do I spit out a lot of words.  (Seriously.  How do you keep up?)

I'm about to spit out a few more --

In the bottom of my tiny desk drawer, shoved between the pages of the manual to my quite bedraggled-looking digital camera, under an electric blue mouse pad which has never been used, below a pile of wooden chess pieces, rested upon by a lone jingle bell (from where the bell came, I do not know), beside a handheld stapler that has been out of staples since 2002, near a broken red crayon from Chuck E. Cheese, in front of a lime green, bejeweled hair barrette, behind the burned dvd of Lauren's Birth,  tangled in an anonymous hardware power cord --

-- there are two $15 Target gift cards.  (From where the cards came, I also do not know.)

And to celebrate my entrance into the world of the Terrible Twos, I'd like to give them away -- to you!

(Hurry and take them before I change my mind.  Heaven only knows how they could have languished there so long without me devaluing them in the flashiest of flashes.*)

If you'd like to relieve me of my mystery Target gift cards, please leave a comment below!  (Tell me something profoundly interesting, okay?  Like the color of your socks today and how they relate to your mood.  Or what you'll do if something goes array in the universe and Sarah Palin becomes president.**)  I'll draw two random winners (though you are, I'm sure, quite memorable, I'll call you random for the purposes of....randomness) and send the gift cards on their merry way***.

Happy BlogBirthday to me!  Now, I'm off to see about celebrating with a mint chocolate cupcake....

* You get an extra entry for emailing me with the name of the movie from which this quote ('flashiest of flashes') originated -- thisheavenlylife [at] yahoo [dot] com.  Leave me a comment telling me you emailed, but don't give away the answer!

** I have very little ambition to talk politics here (or anywhere else, for that matter) but I only think this is funny because my husband has promised to move us out of country if this particular presidential possibility becomes reality.  Heh.

*** This giveaway will close on Wednesday, December 22nd, at noon, central time.


  1. That's funny--Chris is always threatening to move out of the country if American politics don't go the way he wants them to...which, now that I think about it, may be why we've lived out of the country for so many years. Interesting...

    Happy Blog-Birthday, Sarah!

    (Oh, but you don't have to enter me in the giveaway. I'm not anywhere near a Target!)

  2. Happy Bithday!
    Ever wonder about the first person to wear fuzzy bunny slippers?

  3. Happy Blog Birthday, dear Sarah! My world, at least, is a better place with your posts sprinkled throughout it :D

    Your comment about Sarah Palin made me laugh: when I was in high school, I interned for Senator Dianne Feinstein (there's a fact you don't know about me!) and I remember one of the staffers in her campaign office loudly proclaiming she'd move to Canada if George W. Bush became president. I've always wondered if she made good on that promise :)

  4. I won't move but I will be very sad and quite sure we are on a path to ridiculousness. And it has nothing to do with politics.

    I need to make 60 or so sugar cookies today for school parties tomorrow and I have not even begun. I am bad at time management.

  5. Happy blog birthday, Sarah! I'm so glad you're here, still rocking this space.

    Something interesting -- I actually wrote a post for BPMs about my socks for tomorrow. Well, not totally about my socks, but they were a major player in the game. <3

  6. happy birthday...i'm wishing some mysterious giftcards would show up at my house too :) maybe i should start searching.

  7. happy birthday to you!
    so i cant really think of anything interesting about myself, but target makes me happy they have coffee there and i could buy some socks that may better suit my personality :)

  8. Happy Blog Birthday!
    I've had that exact conversation with my husband about moving out of the country in that scenario. We settled on Vancouver because we wouldn't need to learn a new language, plus it's close to my in-laws in Seattle.

    Do you ever do Christmas math? This is where I try to even out the monetary value of the Christmas presents I give so that I don't feel like I'm giving one person more than the other? Even if the less expensive gift is just as thoughtful as the other? I drive myself crazy with this game. That's why I'll be out buying unnecessary gifts today so that I can "even out" the loot.

  9. Happy birthday!
    I hate socks, and I'm not wearing any.

  10. Flashiest of flashies? I just emailed you : )

  11. Socks are overrated.. although if I am going to go barefoot as much as I do I should probably get a pedicure. Merry Christmas my friend! And happy blog birthday.

  12. Happy blog b-day!

    Random #1: I can't do any work right now at work because our server is down.

    Random #2: I like being busy.

  13. Happy Blog Anniversary! (And I don't live anywhere near a Target either, so I guess I can't enter)

    Random Important Tidbit: Uuummmm, I'm still out of Egg Nog (This is a MAJOR problem!) and I haven't been able to make a single Christmas cookie yet. :(

  14. Aw, happy blogging birthday! My old blog - which I still update occasionally - is about nine years old now. That's my interesting tidbit. :)

    I think I'm too late to enter, but I wanted to say yay you're 2!! And we keep up with you because you're fun, witty and engaging. :)

    And I agree with your husband on the Sarah Palin thing. :P

  15. Happy Blog-aversary!!

    Wearing black socks and giving thanks for blogs like yours.

  16. Congratulations! 2 years and 600+ post is something to celebrate.

  17. Happy Blog Birthday...intersting...well lets see...I got nothing! Just laying in bed watching a movie on Lifetime!

  18. Happy Blog birthday. I am currently making eggnog ice cream with my leftover eggnog. It is going to be amazing!!

  19. Happy BlogBirthday, my dear!!

    I am currently eating oreos and peanut butter while watching The Universe. Does that satisfy you? : )

  20. Target gift cards languishing in your drawer! And how is it that you have not SPENT them? I would have had those puppies used up in about ten seconds flat.

    I am impressed that you are celebrating your blog birthday. I have been blogging for six years now (good grief, I can't believe that!) and I have never, not ONCE, remembered to celebrate my blog birthday, even though I have intentions of doing so every year. Maybe lucky number 7 will be the year? Watch my blog sometime in June...maybe I'll remember.

  21. Happy Blog-Birthday! How exciting! And Target gift cards...almost as exciting! I'm with several others - socks are overrated. :)

  22. Happy Blog Birthday chica!!!


    Something interesting: I had 3 sets of teeth. One set had to be removed. I think there were a total of 7 extra teeth. Odd, I know!

  23. Happy Blog Birthday!! So glad I've gotten to enjoy most of your journey! :)

    Hmmm.... what shall I share... Oooh, here's a goody - I once attended a party (like super small- under 7 people in attendance) and Dave Chappelle showed up (he had been in town doing a comedy act). So I can honestly say I've partied with Dave Chappelle. And I'm not even a partier. At all.

  24. Happy Bloggy Birthday!
    Fun fact: The word "blizzard" was coined with it's first use in my hometown! (I grew up in Iowa, too!)

  25. Happy two years!!!! Yay!

    And on to the profoundly interesting....I am not wearing any socks, and I'm nursing while typing. This seems to be the common state of things around here. Profound enough? :)

  26. Happy blogiversary! :) I look forward to reading two more years' worth of words.

    My socks . . . totally uninteresting. My son's socks, however, contain a quarter. Because he's decided that it's lucky to keep a coin in one's sock. This is the same son who wears his socks inside out because the seam "irritates him." Seam: bad. Quarter: fine. Go figure.

    Ps. I'm emailing you with the name of that movie, which I love. Well, mostly I love the lead actor but the movie's not bad either. :)


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