Monday, December 27, 2010

Gift Card Winners

From all the bustle of Christmas comings and goings, I almost forgot to draw winners for my blog-birthday giveaway

But only almost

And I completely decided against a cute, daughter-announced video, so as to spare my innocent readers' eyes the torture of seeing my messy house.  I wouldn't do that to you all.  Neither will I be so kind as to post little pictures of's number generator.

What I will do?  Announce the winners:

The first Target gift card will go to the lovely Mrs. Jones, one of my longest blog supporters (also a distant relative of sorts....) and the one who makes me jealous when she talks about taking her beautiful babies to the beach in, like, January, and they all wear shortsThat Mrs. Jones.  Congratulations, Becky!  Email me your address!

The second Target gift card will go to the adorable Katie of Une Autre Mere!  This lady has also been gracing my little internet home with her thoughtful comments for quite some time, and I'm glad.  Katie and her sweet family make me smile every time I stop by her place.  Congratulations, Une Autre Katie!  Email me your address!

And thanks for all your entries, guys -- you helped make my blog-birthday special. 


  1. Congratulations to everyone who won!! The rest of us win a little everyday when we visit, so that is good too.

  2. Oh, yay! Thanks!! I'm just starting to get caught up on all the blogs, so I'm so glad I saw this! I'll email you my address! :)


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