Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Christmas Post

I'm really not a Scrooge, I promise, but I can say without a doubt that I'm ready to be done with the holidays. And we had a wonderful Christmas! -- so that's not the point -- the point is that all the activity and change of routine and necessary preparations and all that...wears me out. I'm excited to get back to our regular days, while remembering the blessings and fun of this Christmas season.

Justin and I were up well past midnight on Christmas Eve -- I doing last minute stocking-stuffing and breakfast-making, and he providing the 'just keep going' support I needed.

All Mia wanted for Christmas was a Teddy Bear -- is that not adorably innocent?!

And all Lauren wanted for Christmas was a candy cane. So we got the girls each a teddy bear and pile of candy canes, and called it good.  I can only hope their Christmas requests will remain as simple in the future as they were this year.

Mia painted a picture for her Grandma, and since they both love cats, inspiration came quickly.  I give you, Cat: In a Field of Roses.

Lauren painted a picture for another Grandma, and she chose to work with her most beloved color: purple.  If she sits down long enough to color a picture, it's a sure bet that a large (or perhaps the entire) portion of the picture will come out purple, so the painting fits her current style nicely.

Christmas morning, I was fiddling with my new present (a camera!) and either the user or the camera isn't up to par, so several photos are quite blurry.  But they're our memories!  I had to save them, good or not good.

Mia loved her new slippers, and Lauren was ecstatic about her Barbie and candy canes.

Have you guys seen these Pillow Pets?  Apparently, they're all the rage, and Mia's wanted one since the very first day we moseyed past a mall display of them a year ago.  (Why she chose to ask for a teddy bear instead of a pillow pet is quite a conundrum.  But no matter -- she got one anyway!)

The day carried on well past our sparkly, pink presents, but I, as usual, forgot to take more pictures.  There was ham, eggnog, and laughter.  There were pies, naps, and movies.  There was family, there were hugs.

There was Christmas!

What was your Christmas like this year?  Any especially memorable moments?


  1. I forgot to take a single picture. Not one!

    And I am ready for a piece of normal too!

  2. I was horrible about remembering to take pictures! Most of our Christmas pictures this year are stolen from family members' Facebook pages! And pillow pets are THE BOMB apparently... all the pre-ks at our school MUST have them.

    And, And! Thank goodness for getting back into a normal routine!

  3. Oh yes! I keep trying to remember to take them, but get so caught up in the kids, that I don't take as many as I should!! I love christmas morning! It is probably my favorite time of year! (Although, I would like it slightly better if I got a nap!)

  4. Oh, I agree -- Christmas was wonderful but I'm ready for some normalcy.

    You already know the details behind my Christmas celebrations. I really loved visiting with so many family members I haven't seen in a long time; after spending the better part of a decade as a military family, I've learned not to take such reunions for granted.

  5. Teddy Bears and Candy Canes---your girls are so sweet! I'm glad you got a new camera, too. I'm looking forward to a 2011 with lots of Heavenly pictures...

  6. Oh my gosh! My daughter got the Pinkalicious unicorn and doll too -- those exact ones! She also got two Barbies (a Rapunzel one and a regular one with a pink dress), AND she already has the unicorn pillow pet! She got the puppy pillow pet from my dad, but she decided to give that to her brother since she already had her unicorn.

    Too funny!


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