Monday, November 22, 2010

Answers for Hyacynth

Hyacynth asked a great gorgeous plethora of questions:
Tell us about how you and Justin met? And about why you might possibly want baby number 3? And what you think of the book of Esther in relation to raising girls here and now? And why you chose to live where you live? And when you plan to visit Chicago? ;)

I'll give you great blog fodder if you come visit. Promise!
Oh, Hy.  You don't mess around, do you?  Let's approach this in bullet form, shall we?

Justin and I met on a night that could probably be considered the second biggest lie I ever told my parents. (I'm no role model...but let's ignore that issue for now.) I was lying in bed, reading Jane Austen at 8PM on a Saturday night in July, (Maybe I could be a role model for teenagers after all...or at least a role-model for hard-core geeks.) when a group of my very best friends called and demanded that I get dressed and come out.

They were gathering at a house that had been devoid of parents for the entire summer (thus, I was probably already sick of partying by late July), and my presence was apparently critical to the success of the night. I disagreed. I refused and rolled over in my jammies, happy with Miss Austen. They called back; they demanded anew; I forfeited my freedom; I agreed to go. Grumpily, I pulled my clothes from the pile on the floor in which I'd heaped them, smoothed out some wrinkles, and left.

Imagine my surprise when a very handsome stranger appeared at the parent-less house. He was a college soccer player, a guitar-strumming, broad-shouldered, quietly mysterious young man. Imagine my breathless giggles when he only paid attention to me. Of course, it took some time to notice, because he was very shy in the beginning. Imagine my swoon when he asked for my phone number, and my surprise that he actually called me; I thought there was no way a dork like me would catch the notice of such an amazing guy. The rest, as they say, is history.

This is why I want baby number three:

Squishalicious Mia -- Oh, those legs!
 And this:

Droolicious Lauren -- Oh, my lovey!
And because there is some part of me that is SO intrigued by rolling the dice again, and seeing what the combination of Justin’s and my genes will come out to be. Boy or girl, dark or light, quiet or crazy….the possibilities are endless!

Seriously, though? I always thought I’d have more than two kids. I honestly feel like I – in this body and with this life – am meant to grow children. Like this is my purpose in life, and I’m not done making babies yet. I know it’s presumptuous, but I almost feel like all this life and nourishment and growth that could take place within my body is the biggest calling I will ever have. My goal and dream, all in one.

But if I’m honest, there’s also this:

Justin & Mia -- He ain't afraid of no cryin' babes.

I am woefully undereducated on Esther. Must edify immediately. (Is there a study you’d heard of that would be a good place to start?)

We didn’t so much choose to live in Missouri, as we just chose not to leave. We were both raised here, and had no desire to find someplace new. Most of that is my preference: I’m surrounded by a very close-knit family on whom I’m happily dependent, and the prospect of leaving – though achievable – terrifies me. That’s not to say we won’t ever move away from home. Both of us understand that there may come a time or reason that forces us to consider other locations. We’ll be okay if that happens. But for now, we’ll enjoy being close to family while we raise our little ones. And dream of all the places we’ll travel to in order to expose ourselves to more than this little corner of the world, which would hopefully include…

Chicago! Someday, someday. But never in cold wintertime, when Heavenly Sarah hides. No, never in cold wintertime, when Heavenly Sarah hides.

*500 bonus points for the first person to correctly identify the semi-classic, semi-quote in the last bullet point....


  1. I'm so totally giddy geeked that you answered all of my questions in one post!

    I smiled through reading all of the answers.

    I love your "how I met Justin" story. I'm not surprised he keyed in on you. :)

    Book of Esther -- just dig in! Start by circling every choice you see made in the book by either men or women. Use a different color for each. Think about the choices. OR buy the Beth Moore study of Esther. :) It's a very timely book of the Bible for now.

    Thank you for answering my questions.

    And, no, I don't tiptoe around.

  2. I am loving these little q&a sessions! I am the teensiest bit jealous that Justin initially pursued you; my husband and I met the good ol'fashioned way... meaning I sort of stalked him until he went out with me *cough*cough* :D

    Baby Mia and Baby Lauren were yummy! (Well, still are!) And all your sentiments about having babies and the calling of motherhood -- straight from the depths of my heart, sister.

    Hyacynth has some good pointers on Esther. It is a fairly simple read on your own. I haven't done Beth Moore's study on it but I have done other Beth Moore studies and she is excellent.

    I have no idea what you're referring to in the last bullet, but, um... I like you. Is that worth is a few bonus points? :D

  3. Ha! Yes, that is exactly how I remember you and Justin meeting. As always, glad I could be of service!


  4. There are various study guides about Esther so, just look around and find one that appeals to you. There are even a couple of fiction books that can help put you in the mood if you want. I love studying about her. She was truly amazing. The reference that I saw in your last bullet point was from the old band Chicago and they did a song called, Someday.

  5. I looove the story of how you and Justin met! You rebel, you! Also, the book of Esther is one of my favorites, but I've never thought of it in terms of hyacinth's question. I'm off to ponder now!

  6. Bee bo!!
    (What do I do with my points?)
    ; )

  7. I miss squishy, chunky, roly-poly, legs!

  8. I know I just read that last quote somewhere.. it's on the tip of my tongue. Seriously! It's going to drive me crazy!!!
    And those baby pictures.. oh my word :) You'd better have a baby #3!!

  9. Oh! Your reasons for wanting baby #3 are melting my (already weak) defenses! Must resist baby cravings...must resist baby cravings...

  10. Loving all these answers! Especially the mother one. And I am so jealous that you still live in Missouri near your family!

    Also, I love the book of Esther. I just found whatever study on it at the Christian book store and dove right in. I even tried to get Esther on the list of possible baby names, but that one quickly got shot down.

    And Lenae, you're totally not the only one who semi-stalked her future husband until he paid attention to me. Sarah just must be that awesome!

  11. I love the story of how you met your husband - very sweet! I have done the Beth Moore study of Esther and found it immensely enjoyable (as all her studies are).

    Those chubby baby legs are well worth 10 months of pregnancy, labor and some sleepless nights! I am right there with you!

    I don't think I am first but I love "The Belly Button Book"! Does it make me a bad parent that my child points to his belly and says "bee bo" instead of "belly button"? :)

  12. I love the Belly Button Book! Good use of it!

  13. No, never in cold wintertime when bellybuttons hide. I know I wasn't the first, but could I have at least, like 100 points or so?

    I love finding out more about you. The story of you meeting Justin is adorable. I was blushing right along with you. ;)

    And 3 children = PERFECT. At least for me. :) I love it.

  14. I can't believe that nobody has pointed out that the book of Esther is the only book in the bible that doesn't mention God.

  15. I say go for number 3 ;-)

    And I am sure I am not the first...but it's Boyoton, the Belly Button Book.


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