Monday, November 22, 2010

Rerun: Sensations of Gratitude

Originally posted on November 23, 2009; I liked my Thanksgiving series so much that I'm rerunning it this year!

I am grateful for the ability to feel, to be touched by this beautiful world in millions of tangible ways: I am grateful for sensations.

The smooth and tight coolness of fresh sheets waiting to envelop me at the end of a back-breaking day: I feel rest.

The warmth of a tear, either in a single drop or in a torrent of moisture, as it courses down my cheek: I feel memories.

The grasp of a miniature hand at my thigh, reaching up, up, for a mother's cradle: I feel love.

The rumble of a cat's purr under her silken coat, delighting in my wayward touch: I feel compassion.

The rounded swishing of dried beans as they're being rinsed in cool water, agitated by my capable hands and prepared for a simple meal: I feel security.

The crinkled sheets of artwork made with concentration by my darling girls, rustling and misaligned: I feel creativity.

The mindless caress of my husband's strong hand over my skin: I feel adoration.

The crushing chop of a sharp knife through raw vegetables; the wooden board confidently matching the metal edge: I feel contrast.

The delicate softness of a recipe card as it's being pulled from its hiding place, covered with my Grandmother's handwriting, and inscribed with family tradition: I feel sadness.

The slippery scalp of a child at bathtime, bubbled and squeaking after a day of messy imagination: I feel care.

The floating emptiness that surrounds me -- transports me -- as I pray my deepest thoughts to my Lord: I feel God.

I am so thankful to have the ability to feel and to notice sensations as they happen. What a remarkable gift it is to feel, and in feeling, to evoke emotional sensation as well.

What sensations are you grateful for, at this very moment?


  1. Thanks for the remider that we need to be thankful for the simplest, everyday things. We take physical and emotional sensations so much for granted, and yet, they bring us so much joy!

    Mine has to be physical touch of my husband or child. Unconditional love and acceptance.

  2. This is beautiful writing Sarah. I read it few times for extra goose bumps.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your heavenly family!


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