Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ask Sarah The Heavenly

My friends, I'm stuck. 

I want to write something worthy of your time, but I'm feeling very...blah...about blogging lately.  I've contemplated taking a small break just to let myself breathe for a bit, but the truth is, I'm scared to do that.  I'm worried that if I step away from this space for any length of time I'll be too overwhelmed by life to ever come back.  Or that if I turn off my writing here, it'll be impossible to turn it back on again.  Or -- worse still -- I'll miss you all terribly, but you won't even notice I'm gone.  (It's true -- I'm insecure.)

So I need your help.  Will you do me a favor? 

Ask me a question!  Or a handful of questions -- anything you care to know!  Whether it's something about me, personally, or just something on which you want some outside input, please ask!

Want to know the biggest lie I ever told my parents in high school?  Ask! 

Want to hear about any of my specific favorites/pet peeves/fears/hopes?  Fire away!

Questions on recipes, marriage, being a big dork, parenting, decorating (ha)?  Lay it on me! 

Anything you've been dying to know about my heavenly life?  I promise to give an answer.  I can't swear I'll know exactly how to answer, but I'll give it my best shot.  I might devote an entire post to it, or I might bundle it up with another group of questions -- but I'll answer it for sure. 

Because I want to talk to you, my lovelies.  I just need a little boost on where to start. 

So please!  Ask Sarah the Heavenly!


  1. I would like to know some of your favorite staple recipes. Something you go to often because you make it well, it's fairly easy and your kiddos like it. - I tried the pork chop, onion and apple recipe you blogged about not too long ago and we love it!

    And I'm very curious to know the biggest lie you ever told your parents!

  2. Tell us about how you and Justin met? And about why you might possibly want baby number 3? And what you think of the book of Esther in relation to raising girls here and now? And why you chose to live where you live? And when you plan to visit Chicago? ;)
    I'll give you great blog fodder if you come visit. Promise!

  3. Well I have to say that if you did take a break I and everyone else would notice and MOURN your absence!

    Hm, I'm not good at thinking of questions. Maybe if you had to give one piece of advice (or two, or three, or heck a whole list) about the following, what would it be: pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, diapering, introducing solids, babyproofing, crawling, walking... Obviously I'm a bit single-minded in my focus, but lists about anything are usually good! And you're so witty, I'm sure you could make something as mundane as taking walks interesting.

  4. Oh I hear you. I haven't blogged consistently in weeks (months? hehe). But here's something I always wonder about the blogs I read. What's a normal day like for you? For example:

    7am-get up
    7-30: cuddle in bed with toddler and sesame street
    7:30 figure out what the heck to make for breakfast and how to secretly eat yours without sharing hehe.
    8am: attempt to fold laundry while toddler plays (maybe)

    That's how my morning starts. How about you?

  5. Oh Sarah, I am feeling a touch of blog exhaustion too. Don't stop. I'd miss you.
    If I had any thoughts in my head, I'd share. Nope. Empty here.

  6. sarah, i want to know how you landed your newspaper column. when did you start writing for the paper? how much do you work now and how do you balance writing and family? do you write anywhere else as a freelancer?

    (and take a break if you need to take a break! we'll still be here:)

  7. I'd miss you if you left!!

    What do you find is the hardest part about parenting your girls?

  8. What did you major in in college? If your girls had been boys what would you have named them? What's the biggest dream you have for yourself? What's your biggest pet peeve?

  9. So, the game is ask Sarah a question and she answers? I already like it.

    How have you used your education in rearing your children?

    How do you support your husband and how does he support you?

  10. I don't have a question for you right now, but I have to say, though I WOULD notice and WOULD miss you a lot, sometimes even just a week of a break is really nice and can get you going again. :)

  11. What would be your advice for a strong and happy marriage? I have some tips and tricks of my own, but I like hearing how other people do it!

  12. Ahh, the dreaded why am I doing this question! Actually, we would all miss you or we wouldn't be reading. I too would love kid friendly, easy recipes. I also love most of what you have written. So, maybe write about something a little different. Something you are passionate about. Something that makes you feel energized! When I am in a slump, sometimes I take the weekend off and I refuse to feel guilty. The blog world is still there when I come back. On Saturdays I do a This Moment post that is a picture with no words. It is easy and fun and I look forward to it. On Sundays, I do a devotional that is short and sweet. I am still blogging, but it takes little time and gives me a break. Remember, this is supposed to be FUN!

  13. I would definitely notice if you weren't blogging (though I may be a few days behind, I get through all my blogs in the end). I'm wondering a couple of things: what started you blogging?
    and what are you hobbies? Is there something you turn to when you just want to switch off and relax? And have they always been the same things?
    and (last one I promise) what did you imagine your life would be like when you were a teenager and how is your real life different (better/worse) than your imagination?


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