Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bigger Picture Moment: My Simple Joy

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I seem to be in the middle of a reading jag right now.

Every spare moment -- and even in moments which should not be spared -- I find myself clutching my newest book, scowling or smiling at the pages in turn.  My evenings are full of laid back reading, my naptimes are consumed by hoarded moments of book-love. 

And deep down, I feel guilty for this pleasure. 

Life hasn't come to a complete halt since I've been immersed in the imaginary world of stories, but it's come close.  Dinners are late, laundry is backed up, writing is slowed.  The most glaring lack of attention, though, is in the direction of my blog. 

It feels neglected around here, but I can't bring myself to remedy that with hours of writing and creating.  As much as I thrive on interaction with blog friends, I feel completely comfortable in slowing down.  Not backing away, but giving myself permission to be absent more than once or twice a week.

In the beginning, this wasn't so.  I felt compelled to post something new daily.  I'd love to, but -- it's not the most important thing. 

And neither is reading, for that matter.

But sometimes it's okay (as I'm reminding myself right now).

To indulge in the simple satisfactions.

In whatever shape they take.

And right now that shape is rectangular, filled with smooth pages, wafting the scents of ink and binding glue, resting by my hands to fill me with simple joy.  Sometimes in order to love life, it IS valuable to cling to those moments of simplicity, even at the risk of blowing off a few things that can wait until tomorrow.

What are your simple joys right now?

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  1. Great post! We make so many thing into "obligations:" when in reality we have very few things we are actually obligated to do.

  2. But what will *I* read everyday if you don't post something?! Just kidding! Enjoy your reading, mama!

  3. lovely post, your words are always so inspiring and beautiful. thank you :)

  4. Ah, we all need breaks. Blogging just wouldn't be as much fun if it became a chore, right? There is life -and simple joys- to attend to! (What books have you been reading?)

    As we prepare to move, my simple joy has been getting together with friends to say goodbye. It is bittersweet, having the final meal, knowing the hug at the end might be the last. But it is gloriously fulfilling too, to think back on how some of these relationships have blossomed and all that we've experienced together.

  5. it's great that you are taking the time to enjoy something for yourself. i hope the book is good, and that you find an equally compelling book to read after this one is finished.

  6. Of course I too love books, of ANY kind. But like you, or at least like it is for your right now, it comes in spits and spurts for me. I'll go for months where all I want to do is devour more and more books. And then I'll go through a drought - perhaps burnout?

    I'm feeling that a little bit about blogging now too. I still want to write and write, but I've backed away from all the reading a bit. Sometimes the posts I read just take too much out of me. So I'm trying to be more disciplined about my blog reading time, and without guilt!

    This is really a lovely post, thank you for writing it!

  7. Lovely post! I definitely agree. The thing I have to remember is the world will not come to an end if we have dinner a little later than usual, or if the laundry is not done. We must satisfy ourselves before we do anything else. A lot of people say this is wrong, but why live life without a little bit of enjoyment?

  8. Agree with everyone here! Read, read, read. So what if dinner is late, right? My simple pleasure right now is a warm cup of coffee in the early morning - when I am alone. All I can manage right now, but... I'm working on more - in fact, almost bought a book for myself the other day ... instead of for the wee ones.... Enjoy!

  9. Getting lost in a good book is like a mini vacay to me. And it reminds me that I can slow down.
    I have to ask what you are reading?

  10. Share the book that has pulled you in - I need a little escape and nothing does that better than a good book.

  11. So true! I have been having a similar pull to my books lately and feeling less and less like blogging (which, of course, I then blog about!) There is nothing quite like a good book!

  12. So...what have you been reading? I just finished *The Known World* and it literally had me sitting outside the bathroom door (with the light on and the door cracked--we're living in a hotel, remember) at night just so I could stay up after the girls went to bed and finish a few more pages. It was all-absorbing and so, so good! But, like you, I felt a little guilty. We have SO much to get done and I was sneaking away at every possible opportunity just so I could read--it was worth it though...

    As for simple pleasures: right now, I'd have to say bottles of icy-cold water from the vending machine. It's been so HOT here and we've been doing a lot of walking, so those waters taste unbelievably good! Mmmm...

  13. I went through a similar phase a month ago. My books consumed my world and I didn't want to let go of them! Like you, I felt guilty for forsaking a few things, like my blog, but in the end I came to the same realization.

    Happy reading!

  14. I know exactly what you mean, Sarah! I'm either completely {like COMPLETELY} involved in a book or I'm posting all the time or I'm taking pictures all the time...but it goes in phases and waves. It's my kind of balance, I guess!

  15. You know, Sarah, I firmly believe that this is part of the creative cycle. Sometimes the creativity pours out and sometimes you have to gulp it in in the form of others' words. I find it necessary to maintain this sort of cycle or my creativity dives.


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