Friday, August 27, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #77: A List of Lists

1. Odd discovery of the week: I am the only person in my house who likes Froot Loops.  Huh.

2. We visited my friend's new house last weekend, and besides being a lovely place full of space and giant wall-covering windows, it also came with this gorgeous tree.  It's a Ginkgo tree, and fairly rare for this area of the world for a few reasons, not the least of which is that it (the breed, not this particular specimen) is one of the only leftovers from, like, the Jurassic period or something crazy like that. 

With all its wandering, cradling branches, Justin had to climb it.

3. Which leads me to the conclusion that Justin needs a son, don't you think?

4. A conversation:

Mia: A royal princess is at your castle, mama.
Me: Oh!  Why, I've never had the pleasure of hosting a royal princess before! I'm so glad you came!  How was your journey?
Mia: *sigh* It was very good. 
Me: Did you happen to encounter any danger along the way?
Mia: Well, no...but there was once that I saw a pair of scary eyes in the forest, that happened to just be a friendly deer after all.
Me: Oh, my!  Well that's good.  And how was the weather?
Mia: It was...*sigh*...springtime.  And when we got to the jumping off part, it was cold!  So we just held hands and jumped together. *laughing*
Me: I see! Well it's been so nice having you visit here, royal princess.  Where will you go from here?
Mia: Wichita.

5.  How Lauren eats pancakes:
- Picks tiny balls of powdered sugar from the top of the pancake.  Licks fingers enthusiasticallly.
- Scrapes peanut butter from top of pancake.  Licks fingers enthusiastically.
- Refuses pancake.
- Takes grudging bites when mom cuts pancake into tiny squares.
- Demands a bowl of pure maple syrup in which to dip her pancake squares.
- Conducts a scientific experiment by means of dropping a pancake square into the bowl of syrup, hoping it'll disintegrate.
- Takes a hearty swig of maple syrup by drinking from the side of the bowl.
- Coughs and displays her distaste of maple syrup by calling it "Really Yucky."
- Signals the end of the meal by pushing away her plate of uneaten pancake squares -- useless now that they're devoid of peanut butter and powdered sugar.

6.  How Mia eats pancakes:
- Bites face first into the center of the pancake, only penetrating through the top layer of peanut butter/powdered sugar coating.
- Licks fallen powdered sugar from fingers, plate, table, and lips.
- Demands a new pancake, one with an in-tact top.
- Bites face first into the center of a blueberry pancake.
- Gets squirted by a too-juicy berry, makes a sour face, and squeals in disfavor.
- Demands a new pancake, one with no blueberries.
- Bites face first into the center of a plain pancake.
- Signals the end of the meal by looking through the hole she's bitten in the pancake -- using it as a monocle instead of a food item.

7.  In response to yesterday's admission that I've been burying my nose in books lately, I got several requests to spill the beans on what I've been reading.  I didn't love everything I read -- and I don't promise that these are all treasures of literary genius -- but here are a few I did enjoy:

Peony In Love by Lisa See
East of the Sun by Julia Gregson
In Sunlight, In a Beautiful Garden by Kathleen Cambor
Mary, Called Magdalene by Margaret George
The Help by Kathryn Stockett
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer (yes, it's true -- I am not ashamed)
Beside a Burning Sea by John Shors

I hope you all have wonderful weekends planned, full of the things that make you happy!  Stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes -- which always make me happy!


  1. I liked Peony in Love.. but I LOVED her other book.. Secret Fan.

  2. #4 is too funny! Mia clearly has your creative streak. :)

  3. If Justin needs son, I have two he can borrow for tree climbing sessions! Just a thought. :) Although I suspect if he were tree climbing with them, some girls might just get involved!

  4. Wichita! That's cute!

    That tree looks amazing. I'd like to climb it myself.

  5. 1. Hehe! How many boxes did you go through before you made this discovery?

    3. He totally needs a son. Get to work!

    5-6. Your pancakes sound delicious!

  6. i thought ginko trees smelled funny?

  7. The tree is so cool!! Yes, I agree, get to work you two ;)

    Mmmm....pancakes. With peanut butter AND powdered sugar!! Lucky girls!!

  8. Thanks for the reading list (and the laughs)

  9. I'm still giggling over the princess :)

  10. Your Mia is just plain hilarious. What a creative and dramatic little girl!

    Yes, I do think Justin needs a son. Are you trying to let us in on something...? ;)

    And I'm glad you admitted to reading Twilight. I finally gave in after several recommendations from ladies whom I respected and was pleasantly surprised. Although the vampire craze still baffles me...

  11. My kids hated fruit loops until someone at church made necklaces with them. Now they're hooked! (when I actually buy them!)
    Your husband must be a long lost cousin to my "I take advantage of climbing every interesting tree" husband...
    I love how the girls eat their pancakes. Makes my house feel normal! :)
    Your reading list puts me to shame. Every book I seem to read is "required" reading for one thing or another...I'll try harder! :)

  12. oh that princess exchange is precious!

    my babe loves maple syrup--i think she'd eat it with anything.

    i loved the twilight books, too. a balanced reading diet should have a little wiggle room;)

  13. I love the part about the pancakes!! :) And thanks for the reading list. I've been wanting to read the Help for a while now. And I read the entire Twilight saga and saw all 3 movies-no shame here!

  14. Love the conversation. I love that she already is her own princess. Love your comments on reality + fantasy. I Didn't mean to be too hard on the girls. And if I have a girl, I am certain that she will be one too!

  15. Yes, I do think Justin needs a son. :) It's very apparent with all the tree climbing that needs to be accomplished. lol


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