Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Snapshot: Lunchtime

It's turned into a warmishly uncomfortable day, but it started off cool and fresh.  Windows that were open to catch the breeze are now closed to the pressing heat.  The wind is still blowing softly, though, and the sound makes me think of fall.  Rustling, shaking, swooshing.  It feels like there's autumn gathering its courage out there, somewhere in the woods.

But inside, we're still in the grip of summer.  Lauren's wearing her citrus-covered 'orange' dress -- it's yellow.  Mia picked out a yellow and purple skirt this morning, added a brown shirt for seriousness, red socks for hilarity, and golden shoes for practicality: you can't be a princess without golden shoes.  They sit at the table -- covered with coloring implements and scribbled papers -- eating their lunches with more playfulness than intent to ingest.  Still, their plates are emptying well enough.  Peppers and carrots are inexplicably dipped in a pile of peanut butter, sandwiches are peeled apart and put back together, fingers are played with....anything to avoid finishing quickly. 

Good thing we don't need to finish quickly today.  It's a nothing day.  A day that began with a trip to the library and the paying of overdue fees.  A day that's continued with slow movement and begrudged errands.  A day that will be moving towards naptime soon, thankfully.

In the meantime, though, we're enjoying our lunch.  We're playing spelling games:

Mama, what does e-l-e-l-e-l-e-l-e spell? 

Mama, what does f-r-t-g-j-r-e spell?

And when I pronounce whatever nonsense she's just created, Mia roars with laughter.  Lauren giggles, not quite sure she's getting the joke, but happily playing along. 

In the middle of typing, I look up to see that my toddler has covered with peanut butter the palm and fingertips on one splayed hand.  It's time to go.

What does your snapshot look like today?


  1. I was replying and found myself rambling so I posted my reply on my blog.


  2. I get peanut-buttered on a daily basis; I hope you were able to elude it!

    My current snapshot would be of Noah throwing grapes onto the ground and pronouncing, "Uh-oh!" as each one splats. :)

  3. Love this post - love your sweet, direct details and creative observations. Feel like I'm at lunch with your girls.

    This morning, our weather was breezy and sunny too in our area - now has given way to a cloudy, more humid day. This morning, my 4 year old helped me make hot chocolate for his 5 year old big bro and two year old sister - stirring cocoa and sugar into milk - albeit impatiently. My soon to be high schooler was still fast asleep.

    Now, however, my boys are "trying out" their new sneakers by playing in the dirt and in the high up " sitting area" of their clubhouse - deep in the woods for our city neighborhood (i.e. over the hill that is our backyard, beyond the veggie garden, under a giant hemlock that grows in the neighbor's yard). My two year old girlie girl has joined them clutching her juice in one hand - my oldest (the high schooler - another girl) is getting ready for field hockey. We are scattered, rummaging through our back to school purchases (which includes a Tinkerbell lunchbox for the 2 year old ;-), trying to get some dinner in the athlete and just enjoying another pre-back to school afternoon.

    Love your blog! Signed - Sherri at www.trendymomcafe.blogspot.com

  4. Beautiful snapshot. :)

    My snapshot right now is of two very tired little girls lying on the couch, eating goldfish and enjoying a Dr. Seuss cartoon - a rarity now that Addie's in school. She comes home too exhausted to do anything but sit. But I guarantee in about 25 minutes, she'll be begging to run outside and play!

  5. You are such a beautiful writer - your posts take me away to another world. thank you.

  6. What a lovely snapshot... :)

  7. Our day was kind of slow and sluggish, too. Some days we struggle to merely get on with our days ... like we're stuck in a slow motion machine.

  8. Ooo our day was busy, busy, busy! Toddlers running from one side to the next! But, the snapshot was no less wonderful. Whether busy or slow, it reminds me how lucky I am to have such great kids.

  9. Cute girls!!!
    My snap shot...two boys playing pirate ship in the backyard. I'm going to miss those creative story lines someday!


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