Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday: Free Verse

Perfectly Poetical Tuesday is celebrating Poetry Month! This month's poetry style is Free Verse, which means I can write about anything I want, in any way I choose. (I think.) Free Verse terrifies me, actually. No rules?! No parameters?! But I can do this....I can do this...I think I can...

Yes. I can. (And you can too, for that matter. Hop over to The Little Stuff of Life to see more poetry and add your own!)


Like muffled gems of blessings,
they are what I crave.
Like vacuum-sealed drops of time,
they are my medicine.
But fleeting --
they are so fleeting.
They scatter around me in a dance of
Like feather-light pearls of air,
they cover me with calm.
Like woolen breezes
and sun-warmed touches,
they settle me into serenity.
And fleeting --
but more appreciated, so.
They stun me with their uncommon
They are moments of silence.
They are particles of anti-sound.
They are bits of noiseless time.
And they are fleeting --
So fleeting.


  1. Of course you can! And you DID!

    This is a beautiful description of silence amidst the clatter of life with little ones! :) I love the refrain and the way you indented it too! Thanks for joining in!

    PS I'm looking forward to experimenting with Found Poetry and seeing what everyone comes up with then!


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