Thursday, April 15, 2010

What We Found At The Library, #15

Welcome! Have a seat, pull out your 'To-Read' List, and grab a cup or glass of your favorite reading companion -- mine is icy cold and refreshing: WATER! But feel free to come with coffee or tea or smoothies or margaritas. I promise to withhold my assumptions. At least until you post your OWN book list (which I'm assuming you will. Right? Right!!), at which time I will try to guess which beverage you were consuming at the time of publishing. It'll be fun!

(Did someone say 'digress'?)

Now, on with the show!

Ah, Lauren. She is adorable and so sweet, much like this book. On each page, someone is sleeping -- the grocer, the policeman, the librarian, the zookeeper -- and each of them is snuggled up in a cute bed which perfectly fits their needs. The grocer sleeps on a bed of lettuce. The farmer snuggles atop a sheep-y pillow. The police man's blanket is covered with traffic. The people we only see in their waking hours are funnily transformed in sleep, as in a child's imagination: surely the teacher sleeps at school, and the baker at the bakery right? This book is so fun to pretend along with, but my favorite part was Lauren's reaction to the sleeping characters. They are all quite unique in their appearances, and Lauren -- being a wary-of-strangers toddler -- didn't like the way they looked. "Mama, I don' yike him,'' she said with concern as she shook her head at the policeman...and the grocer...and the doctor...and everyone else! As the days went on, she relented with a few at a time until now, when she loves them all. Just when we're ready to return the book, she's comfortable with the characters. Oy.

This book was a recommendation from Dawn and it is WONDERFUL! It's oh-so-simple, but the artwork is both gorgeous and whimsical. Mia had the best time trying to match her hands to the shapes of the hands in the book, which are covered with tiny piggies with huge personalities. They pull stunts and play so animatedly on the fingertips of these hands, that I can see exactly how a child's brain would be engaged for hours (okay, minutes, probably) staring at the pictures and wondering about how it would be to have actual piggies on their PIGGIES. So cute. We've read this book almost every day, several times a day, for 14 days. And it still makes the girls laugh. This book is a must-read. A must- see. A must.

When I read this book, I suddenly start yearning for a baby. (Disclaimer: I'm usually in a state adjacent to baby-yearning, so it doesn't take much to push me right over the edge.) The illustrations are so...calm. Yes, that's it. They're calm. And the words...they're calm, too. With ryhme and ryhthm and cadence, they're beautifully soothing to say. There's a tiny baby crying in the midst of several well-intentioned birds, and they all want to help the baby fall asleep. One by one, they carry the baby away on their wings, hoping to soothe. But after each bird successfully flies the baby to sleep, they caw or hoot or honk their pleasure, only to wake it up again. Meanwhile the small and unobtrusive nightingale wishes she could help. As each bird gives up, the nightingale offers one last time to sing the baby to sleep -- and her song works. Sigh. This book is terribly sweet and soothing. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to find a baby to soothe to sleep with a nightingale's song.

Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I can't WAIT to see what you've been reading! (Hint: That means you have to TELL me, either in the comments or by linking up. Oh look, there's the linky list, now!)

PS - Madeline at Barefoot Childhood is having an AWESOME children's book giveaway that ends TODAY! Go check it out! The books she's promoting are from Barefoot Books -- a truly fabulous book company whose products I'm a little in love with. As much as I hope to win, I'd be happy if one of YOU won, too. So go enter!)


  1. I have library envy now...If there is something that I really miss about being in a foreign country it is going to the library. I'll add that there is a library here, but Italian library books don't have the same allure for me as English ones. We do occasionally go, but I tend to buy books to read for the kids and I. I used to love to make special trips with my kids (when babies/toddlers/preschoolers in Australia) to take them to see what was on offer. I adore children's books. I can't wait until the next edition of what you found at the library. I feel I will have to live vicariously through you Sarah.

  2. I think Levi would like piggies!

  3. "Mama, I don' yike him"- Um, precious! How do you take that cuteness?! She keels me.

    The piggie book looks like a winner to me too! And that last one makes me want a baby... wait, I already have one! How convenient! I'll take more, though :D

    P.S. Speaking of babies and death-induced-by-cuteness, Noah is crawling now... if you call inch-worming crawling. Just imagine the little guy throwing his arms out in front of him to "grab" floor, sticking his tiny behind in the air, and mightily pushing with his legs to scootch forward. Stinkin' adorable, I tell ya.

  4. I don't get to join this week :( But, I had to take a few minutes and comment. (me, have an opinion on books that I think MUST be shared? Never.) Piggies-great book, we have read it and loved it! And the sleeping book is going on the list!! Thanks!


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