Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spring Fever -- It's A Giveaway!


Forgive my yelling, but I'm a little excited. Spring can't come fast enough, and March is just the month to get my hopes all up for sunshine, sprouting plant-life, and warmer temperatures. Oh, and less dry skin. March has a lot riding on it's arrival.

To celebrate, I decided a fun giveaway would help usher Spring into our world and kick February right on out.

Who's with me!? (You don't have to be quite as sick of February as I am to jump on this can even love it. I promise not to judge.)

Here's what's up for grabs:

One of these lovely pieces of jewelry, handmade by my brilliant and crafty mother-in-law, Sue. (Only, don't blame her for the cheesy product names...those are all my fault. It turns out I can't stop once I've begun naming things, especially if I happen upon a theme. These necklaces spoke to me about sparkling sand, desert-blue skies, and hot breezes: everything a snowbird wants, right? Let's call this The Snowbird Collection!) I keep trying to talk her in to setting up an Etsy shop or even a booth at a craft show, but she's adamant: this is just a fun hobby.

Hobby for her, jackpot for you.

If you'd like to enter, here's what to do:

1) Leave a comment telling me which one of Sue's creations you like best. (Or why you can't wait for spring, or why I'm your favorite blogger of all time, or why you're so darn tired...basically just leave a comment.)

2) Leave a separate comment for blogging about this giveaway. (If you don't have a blog, a Facebook status update with a link to this page will qualify instead.)

3) Leave a separate comment for tweeting about this giveaway.

That's all! You've got three different chances to enter, and you never know -- I may just get crazy and give away more than one necklace. Spring Fever, indeed.

This giveaway will close on Friday, February 26th at 9PM Central time. I'll randomly choose a winner (or 2? or 3?) and post the results on Saturday, February 27th.

(Update: Oops! I wrote the date to draw winners as the 28th, instead of the 27th. Fixed now! Sorry for any mix-up!)

Sue and I can't wait to see who wins!

Are you in?!


  1. I love the one called Mirage. Very pretty indeed. And I am sick of winter because today my kid had to play in the space where the cars used to be parked in the driveway. Because everywhere else the snow was above his waist.

    Not cool.

    I want some Spring! And Easter! Oh how I love Easter. :)

  2. I would go for desert lilac, and then beg your delightful mother-in-law to make me earrings to match!

    I can't wait for spring because that'll mean (a) I'm almost done with school and (b) less doggie accidents inside!

    And you're my favorite blogger of all time because you're funny and sweet and wonderful and from Missouri and have beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband and I want to be your best friend. (Hm, I may have to delete that last paragraph or your MIL will think you have a stalker...)

  3. Wow! She is SO talented! Why doesn't she have an Etsy shop? Why don't I own a dozen of her necklaces RIGHT NOW?? They're stunning! I think I like Desert Lilac and Mirage the best, but it's hard to chose. Tell your mother-in-law I'm a big fan!

    Oh, and I'll blog, tweet and status update as soon as I'm not so tired...soooo tired...

    By the way, you should push the giveaway date back a day and link it up to the SITS Saturday Sharefest (where all giveaways are announced and general mayhem ensues) so that more people will see her stunning designs!

  4. Glowing Sand and Bronze Shimmer are my faves.

    You know why I'm so darn tired. I'm growing a freaking human being!

  5. I like the Mirage necklace best! They're all amazing! And I will always maintain that the reason you're my favorite blogger is the kangaroo post :)

  6. Oooh, pretty pretty stuff! She is talented! I think Mirage is my favorite.

  7. I'm so excited about this, I'm telling the world (or at least my little part of it!). My facebook status is about YOU and your giveaway!!!

  8. Oh I'm definitely in!!! I Love those necklaces, and I love the timing for spring!

    Let's see, first: Love the Mirage and Desert Lilac the best. She is very talented, they are all pretty and so creative!

    I can't wait for spring because I'm tired of bundling the girls into coats every time we want to leave the house! Really, I love the snow (which we finally have a decent amount this year!) and love playing in it, but at some point my tired, pregnant self is too lazy to deal with coats and too bored of being inside.

    You capture me with your blog! I look forward to each of your new posts because they are either hilariously funny, close-to-home with my 2 toddlers running around, and/or touchingly heartfelt and truthful.

  9. I will definitely blog about your giveaway - another chance to get more of my friends to read your blog. Of course, the more contestants you have, the less chance I have... hhmmm....

    Oh well, I'll do it anyways, as soon as I have that coveted quiet of naptime.

  10. Purple is my favorite color, so I would obviously choose Desert Lilac.

    I am so tired because I am ten weeks away from having my sixth child and my fifth child is not sleeping well. :)

    I love spring because it is warmer than winter but not as hot as summer, although here in TX spring lasts about 3.2 days.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  11. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE END OF FEBRUARY!!!! (I'll scream with you if that's ok :))
    I love the Mirage necklace! Your mother in law does great work :)

  12. So, I guess I'd better say which I'd like - if I win, that is. Actually, I can't say because I'm notoriously indecisive and they are all so lovely. But, I promise that if I do win, I will make a choice. :)

    Now, as for why you are my favorite blogger (which you definitely are)...that list would take way too long. So, I'll simply say that to those of us who are addicted to your blog, the reasons are obvious!

  13. Beautiful! I love the desert lilac one! I so admire people that can make beautiful jewelry!

    I can't wait for spring because my color palette will grow larger than brown and white! Can't wait for that so bright it almost hurts your eyes green grass!!!

    I love your blog especially for the Children's Literature recommendations!

  14. I am right there with you on Spring...I can't wait!! I'm so excited to be a part of a give away and to see Sue's jewelry you were talking about...those really are beautiful! I think Mirage is most like my style.... Okay well thanks for doing a give away, how fun! Oh and you are my favorite blogger and not jsut 'cause I don't read any other blogs, occasionally I've stumbled upon a few others and you are my fave!

  15. Linda said...

    Oasis is my favorite! I had no idea Sue did this sort of thing. I am impressed!
    What is NOT to like about your blog? You are about the sweetest niece anyone could have!!!

    Love you,
    Anut Linda

  16. Desert Lilac as well!! The spring colors certainly get me.

    And for the record...I strongly dislike February as well...and add January on that list while you're at it! Bring on March!!

  17. I think Mirage is fabulous. And I love that you got to name them! I always thought naming city streets would be a super cool job...only reinforced when I moved to a house on "Aksarben" street - that's Nebraska spelled backward. Seriously? I could do better than that!

  18. LOVE Desert Sky! I am so ready for spring too. I love reading your stories about your cute girls.

  19. Oh, I can hardly wait for spring-time! I want little green buds on the trees, and daffodils and tulips and crocuses and irises poking their heads out and giving us little bursts of colour. I simply can't wait to run around and splash in puddles. I can't wait to get my hands into cold chilly dirt and start this year's garden and watch it bloom and grow into yummy edible food. I absolutely second the call to be quite done with winter.

    The weather this last Saturday was gorgeous and smelled of spring time. I think this has contributed to my spring fever. I've had a taste and I don't want to go back to the snow, no matter how pretty it is!

  20. Desert Lilac is beautiful.

    I am here to say - even with March on the horizon, it doesn't look like our winter weather is going to change much any time soon. In my neck of the woods. And it makes me very sad!


  21. I just cannot get excited about the arrival of spring. I'm Canadian. March 21 is simply theoretical. April 21 is a little more realistic. But last year we still had a snowfall in June. However, winning that necklace would cheer me up!

  22. Desert Liliac, please or Oasis; too beatiful to choose!!

    I am so ready for March and the promise of spring because it has snowed feet and feet with more called.

    I love your blog because you are an amazing wife/mother and your share your journey with humor, grace and warmth!!

  23. Hi, me again

    the link to my blog post :-)

  24. They are all wonderful. My favorites have to be Desert Lilac, Mirage, and Oasis. You are blessed to have such a talented mother-in-law.

    Spring is just around the corner! I will really be ready for Spring after spending next week in Cancun.


  25. Hi Sarah,

    I like the Desert Lilac! And, I'm with you - bring on the warmer weather and beautiful green buds that promise colorful flowers!

    Jen R.

  26. OH! Oh! They are all absolutely LOVELY. Just gorgeous. And they do remind me of an escape to a desert oasis and you have NO IDEA how wonderful that would be right now. Well, maybe you do have an idea.

    I like desert sky the best, I think.

  27. Sue does beautiful work! I can't make up my mind between Oasis and Mirage being my would depend on my mood :)

    I'm so ready for Spring. I can't wait to see the flowers and vegitation come to life. After Spring, bring on Summer and the lake!!

    I love reading your blog because you have an uncanny way of describing things. I can actually visualize the situation as I read on.

  28. I just wanted to send you the link to my blog post announcing your Big Giveaway :)

    Just to let you know that I did not, in fact, forget to pass it along. :)

    Aw heck, I'll update my facebook status now, too. It's a great way to keep procrastinating anything productive anyways!

  29. I am liking Mirage. a LOT! and I agree with you on the etsy thing-talk about hiding her light under a bushel. I am actually dreading spring-not sure I can handle it this year-the to and fro--the thaw only to get snow again--the mud--the beautiful mornings that turn to blizzards by noon--did I mention the mud? Of course the snow is so deep now that if we walk across the yard we have to climb DOWN into a hole in order to walk up the steps to our house--thetop of the snow bank is 2 ft higher than our entry (five stairs). I need winter to be gone-for GOOD! yeah-I'll just go to summer if that's OK...

  30. They're all so beautiful! I especially love the Glowing Sand one because it's lovely and it makes me think of the beach. What a wonderful thought right now!

    P.s. I totally love your blog. :)

  31. Mirage is my favorite - although oasis and desert lilac are both tied for a close second. they're beautiful pieces!!! ~liz

  32. i just added it to my facebook account as i don't twitter. does that count as well? :)

  33. Well I have to say that I love reading your blog Sarah, it makes me smile, but unfortunately I dont think that I would make any of those fine pieces of jewelery look good.... but I think Jill would. Interesting names by the way, especially love the "glowing sand", makes me think of the desert where they test atomic bombs.

  34. I just wrote a post about your giveaway!

  35. AND I tweeted, which is saying a lot...because I had to remember my password. ;)

  36. I love the Glowing Sand pieces! Gorgeous!

    Great giveaway!

  37. Ooh, I like Desert Sky. Some cheerful sun would be so welcome right now. I am so sick of snow!!!
    I like reading your blog because I like keeping you for one of my imaginary friends, if you know what I mean -- as in, I don't know if we will ever actually meet in person but I could totally see having you and your girls over for a playdate. I think you'd mesh so well with me and my girls ;)