Friday, February 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday, #52

1. There's still time to enter my Spring Fever Giveaway! Click over to take a look at the handmade necklaces, leave a comment before 9PM tonight, and maybe you'll win!

2. I spent WAY too much time yesterday searching for an Easter dress. I haven't bought a dress for Easter in several years; usually I just buy a blouse to go with a skirt or pants I already have, or vice-versa. I'm hoping this year though, to get my ducks in a row soon enough to find a dress I love. As much as I love springy, frilly, lightweight outfits for Easter, I also know that I always freeze my caboose off on our cold Easter mornings. I'm trying to find a pretty dress with longer sleeves and warmer material, and here's what I've found so far:

3. This sweater dress from Arden B. caught my eye for its warmth and cute neckline, but I'm not too sure about the little jeweled thingy off to the side. Is that stylish? I'm clueless.

I know I like the dress, though, and I think if I added a really noticeable necklace or scarf in a springy color, it'd work. Something like this maybe?

Or maybe I could just rip that jeweled thing off the dress and replace it with a flower clip?

4. This Old Navy wrap dress looks springy and fresh, without baring too much skin for a cold Easter morning. I'd definitely need a camisole underneath, but other than that, it'd be fine, as is. My husband likes this one best for its flowy and feminine look. What do you think?

And this necklace would look beautiful with it...

If it doesn't get chosen as the giveaway prize, that is. (It could be yours!)

5. Last night at bathtime, Mia pitched a little fit. For some reason, she's not been wanting to take a bath lately and has gotten upset to the point of tears. I can't figure out exactly why, though I've tried to ask questions and really hear what she has to say. The hard truth is that she must bathe, but I at least feel like listening to her feelings will help her deal with whatever she's upset about. That's the idea, anyway.

When I had to peel her out of her under-the-bed hiding place and haul her into the bathroom anyway, she made me laugh despite my frustration. "No, mama!" she said. "You're just supposed to let me trick you into not giving me a bath!"

And later, after giving it one last shot with discussing they whys of bathtime necessity, she was still not having any of it. "I'm sorry baby," I said. "I know you don't want a bath tonight, but that doesn't change the fact that you have to have one. So let's try to have fun with it, OK?"

Pouting on my shoulder, Mia answered negatively. "But moooooom, you just have to change the fact!"

It's that darn, stubborn fact's fault.

6. Lauren has been quite mischievous this week as well.

7. Now for some exciting news...I'm starting a weekly column for our local newspaper, and my first submission will be running sometime next week! I'll be writing about parenting and family life with the main idea being tips and advice. I must put on my thinking cap and figure out a way to appear knowledgeable enough to advise others. I think I'll probably post a copy of it here after it comes out in the real world, so try not to laugh when I attempt to portray a confident persona. Yay!

Thanks for visiting with me today, and stop by Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes! Have a beautiful weekend!


  1. Great List!
    ~I think both dresses are lovely but my vote would be for the Old Navy dress.
    ~Congratulations on the new column

  2. A newspaper column? That's awesome! Make sure you post it here since I'm no lucky enough to be among your town's readership.

    And, the fact that you can even consider removing something other than tags from a dress and replacing it with something else . . . you're Martha Stewart in my book.

  3. I don't think either of those dresses would fit me, but they look nice. And every single coloring session over here ends with crawling on the floor to pick up all the crayons and all the bits of paper they carefully peeled off the crayons.

  4. I am a HUGE fan of the blue old navy dress... very cute! And how exciting that you get a newspaper column of your own. You are FAMOUS now!

  5. I think both dresses are nice, but I love the first dress! And the embellishment on the side looks good to me, but I guess there's always a chance it could look funky in person...

    Congrats again on the column, friend! I'm excited for you and agree with Becky; I wish we lived in your town and could see the thing in person. Guess you'll just have to ship me a paper so I can wave it around and tell people I know a celebrity :)

    Have a good weekend!

  6. I like both the dresses for a date night, but I say go with the blue one - it's much more Eastery!

    And congrats again on the newspaper column! Can't wait to read it!

  7. I'm with Lenae, I like the first dress best. It looks really elegant and sophisticated to my eye and I think it would be fantastic with that necklace. (You have good taste!) I like the little jewel on the side, too, though. I think it gives the dress a cute, confident flair!

    I wonder what's going on with Mia at bathtime. Funny as she is, I'm sure that nightly battle must be exhausting.

    As for Lauren, around my house, crayons on the floor just speak of home!

    And congratulations again on the new job! I'm really SO excited to read your column (so post it, please!). You're going to be great!

  8. Hey congrats on the column! And maybe try letting Mia take a shower instead of a bath. Randy went through something like this but was thrilled about taking a shower like mom and dad do. Maybe that'll help!

  9. Wow! A true live celebrity in our midst! That is super cool about your newspaper column! You will do so great at it! I can't wait to read your first submission - so make sure you post it asap! :)

    I also like both dresses, but lean towards the first one, even though it's not a springy color. It just catches my eye for some reason. I think the jeweled thing looks good in the picture, but if it looks cheesy in real life I like the idea of replacing it with a flower clip. But either one would look quite stunning on you I'm sure!

  10. I like the blue one with the flowery necklace. How Spring-y. Now if we could just GET SOME Spring here, that'd be nice.

    And thanks for your input on my "good mommy musings." And congratulations on the column! That would be like a DREAM to me!

  11. Hey, that is great that you are writing an article. Cool!

    I like the Old Navy dress the best, seems more versatile.

  12. I like both dresses, I kinda want to go out and find a dress myself...good thing my sister-in-law gave me some cute maternity dresses (they are new dresses to me!)
    I like both those girls of yours too, so cute even when they are being....well little girls.
    Congrats on the column, is it the Globe? We might have to start subscribing to a paper or maybe I'll just read it here..please do post!

  13. Congratulations of the newspaper column!! Have you been trying for this for a while? I am so excited for you!!

    More importantly- I like the blue dress too. I like the style of the blue one, but the color of the brown one and the ability to accessorize it in so many ways!!

    Good Luck!

  14. Oh, goodness! I feel you on the baths and the mischief. My little guy is giving me a run for my money over both.

    Good luck with the Easter dress hunt!

  15. Aw! Congrats on the column, mama. That is WONDERFUL! I am so proud of you.

  16. Those dresses are super cute!
    And way to go on the column :) How exciting!

  17. Love that sweater dress!


  18. I like the Old Navy dress too! I think it would work great for Easter :-)

  19. I like the blue dress best... and I think you'll do great with the column! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  20. Congratulations on the newspaper column! Exciting!
    I love both dresses! The flower clip is beautiful! Good thinking to get going on an Easter outfit--I'm usually at the mall on Saturday night about in tears trying to find the perfect match to my kiddos perfectly matching/accessorized outfits that they'll only wear a handful of times! All for the sake of pictures! :)

  21. I knew it! You are going to be so great! You have the talent and the wit for writing and I am so excited for you. My older woman opinion of the dress pick....the old navy blue dress, too cute!

  22. A newspaper column? Told you you were going to be published someday, didn't I? :)

    I think both of those dresses are GORGEOUS. But I think I like the Old Navy wrap dress best for Easter. In fact...I think I like it so much I might get it for MY Easter dress -- in a different color :)


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