Saturday, February 27, 2010

Spring Fever Winners!

First, I'm so glad there were so many entries for this giveaway! I knew Sue's necklaces were beautiful but with your sweet comments to bolster her creativity, I'm sure she'll be inspired to keep on keepin' on. Maybe...just maybe...she'll finally become convinced to sell her beautiful work!

I originally intended to give away 3 necklaces, but the whole thing just snowballed into something else entirely once I got started. I used to determine the winners, and here's how it panned out.



The first winner is commenter #12, Jill!

In a strange, lucky twist of fate, Jill is one of my closest friends in real life. (Jill: GET A BLOG, ALREADY!) Since she didn't say in her comment which necklace she liked best, I called her late last night to squeal and giggle with her about What are the CHANCES?! and also to have her choose her prize. (Since it was nearly 11PM, she was sure I was calling with big news....and her mind made the jump to big pregnancy news...but it was not to be. She had to settle for a necklace.) She chose Desert Lilac.

The second winner is commenter #28, Stacey!

Now, this was where I started looking at my webcam, going Seriously? Who's IN there?! Because Stacey is my uncle's wife. She chose Oasis as one of her favorites, and since she was one of the only commenters who preferred that one, it was a match made in heaven. But...2 out of 3 winners being close to me in real life was starting to freak me out. I clicked the random number generator button again, with one eye closed, hoping for a truly random winner this time.

The third winner is commenter #27, Megan @ Sorta Crunchy!

Whew! I wiped the sweat from my brow; I've never met Megan (Though I'd love to! Have you been to her wonderful blog? It's a must read, each and every post.). She chose Desert Sky as her favorite necklace.

Looking at the winning necklaces, though, I got to thinking...there were other commenters who really liked some necklaces which didn't get chosen. Should I keep going? I SHOULD! And I did. I decided I'd draw more random numbers until the generator landed on a commenter who'd chosen an unclaimed necklace. And, no joke, the next number that popped up was for an as-yet-unchosen necklace.

The fourth winner is commenter #4, Chelsea!

Chelsea is super tall (so I hear on her wonderful blog, Roots and Rings), so out of the two necklaces she liked best, I awarded her with the longest one. And it's perfect for her because she's expecting her first baby! I don't know why that makes it perfect for her, but in my just worked.

Back to, I clicked the button 3 more times before landing on another unclaimed necklace.

The fifth winner is commenter #1, Erin!

Erin's choice was Mirage. (A popular choice with many commenters. I was surprised it took 5 tries to give it away!)

With one necklace left, I had to click the number generator a boatload of times before landing on someone who'd chosen that last one, Glowing Sand.

The sixth winner is commenter #31, Peter Marie!

Congratulations, ladies! I had a blast reading through comments for this giveaway (perhaps because they told me nice things about myself...?) and even more fun seeing who won. I was seriously smiling the whole time, anxious and excited to see the winners. So thank you all for playing along with me!

Winners -- send me an email with your address, and I'll mail out your prizes. Have a great LAST weekend in February!

Bring on the Spring!


  1. I'm glad you had such a fun time with your giveaway. I'm not a necklace wearer so I didn't enter. They are certainly beautiful, though.

  2. How did I miss this!? Congrats to all the winners!

  3. How fun! I want to do this! But I have few blog readers, and no cute necklaces to give away... a lass, if only I was as cool as you Sarah ;) Or would write as good as you! Oh well, at least YOU read my blog, that makes me happy ;)


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