Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We've Got A Gaseous Kind Of Love

At almost 18 months, Lauren is coming into her toddlerhood quite rambunctiously. Playful and mischievous with her tiny grin, she can soften the brunt of any difficult day - even if she's part of the reason it's been difficult.

Yesterday as I chased her down for the quadrillionth time, she ran away laughing. And instead of being frustrated by her escape, I decided to encourage it to see how much fun we could have.

"Lauuuuuureeeeen," I taunted, "I'm gonna GET YOUUUUUU!"

She squealed with glee and picked up her speed. Tripping along on her baby legs, looking back to check my proximity - it's amazing how she managed to stay upright with all of her laughing and turning.

I closed the distance between us and grabbed onto her, throwing her in the air before laying her down on the floor for a tickle-and-kiss session. And while she was there, I could do what I'd been chasing her for all along - a diaper change. Since we'd had so much fun with the pursuit, the task was tolerated. I continued to tickle and play with her, delighting in her chuckly laughter. When I'd gotten her diaper off and was about to reach for a new one, she quieted suddenly, stopped wiggling, and gave me a blank stare. Her stomach muscles contracted, her forehead tensed, she raised her legs....

And farted at me.

Then, seeing my surprise turn into giggles - I had expected something MUCH messier than a toot, after all - she laughed and kept pushing with all her might....

And farted at me 6 more times. In a row. She had the laughing farts, I believe, and they just kept squeaking out. At this, I began to worry that she was actually working on something more tangible, and I quickly wrangled the fresh diaper onto her noisy bottom.

I never imagined having daughters would be so...


And I never imagined it would be so much fun.

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  1. Laugh out loud - that is what I just did. Very funny. "I fart in your general direction"-Monty Python
    Yes, I am aware that as a 28 year old lady (although most probably don't label me with that term) I enjoy a little potty humor.

  2. Laugh farts -- love it :)

    Dave says that fart and burp noises are universally funny. You don't have to teach a toddler to laugh at them -- they just do :)

  3. Oh yeah, she would fit into our family VERY well. That put a smile on my face.

  4. ha-larious! Hayden is just getting to the point where tooting is funny...and this may make me a bad mom, but I've been trying to teach him how to say the word 'Toot' far, no dice :)

  5. Ditto to the laugh-out-loud hilarity of that one!

  6. My C learned the humor of making bubbles with his bottom in the bathtub last week. Even big sister had to laugh at his performance despite the fact that she was sharing the bath water.

    I must say, I, too, enjoy a well-timed fart joke and fart stories are a close second.

  7. Oh how funny! (And cute in a stinky sort of way...) I love moments like that! :)

    I can't wait to catch up on some of your posts...


  8. Hilarious! Bodily function humor: it's not just for 12 year old boys anymore.

  9. Oh that was so great and funny! Thanks for sharing your farting story!

  10. That is hysterical!!!

    I once told a friend that one thing I DID NOT KNOW (among many things) was that once I became a mom, I would SEE farts. So gross.

    Isn't it amazing how things go more smoothly when we lighten up? Diaper changes can be a hoot :) (or toot)

    You got all three right over on my blog by the way. Ya smart cookie.

  11. That's too funny! Lately (since I remember you've been working with table manners) I've been trying to teach Katherine not to "toot" so loudly at the table. So now, at least once a meal, she looks up at me with panic in her eyes and dashes out of the room shrieking, "I've gotta too-too!" (Too-too? Where on earth did she get that word?) Anyway, it's funny---every time. But what do you think, too many beans?


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