Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Our World...

Fairies wear glass slippers.

Motorcycles are more frightening than thunderstorms.

Leaving the Chick-Fil-A playground is akin to torture.

When the phone is in use by an adult, attention will be demanded; when the phone is abandoned by the same adult, attention will be unwanted.

Stickers are like gold.

Climbing on couches contributes to a vital part of the daily exercise.

Falling off couches contributes to a vital part of the daily excitement.

Ursula the Sea Witch might just be the scariest thing in the universe.

Below the kitchen table is where the most fun happens, especially when food crumbs can be located.

Broccoli happens far too often. Brownies happen far too infrequently.

Screaming will be employed at will. (Sometimes, the adults will do so as well - this is great fun.)

Hugging will be endured at will (or welcomed if used in response to motorcycle noise or Ursula).

'NO' will be interpreted as 'Do that AGAIN!'

Eating real food cannot be proven as a verifiable way to sustain life. Breathing air is all it takes.

A well-timed sniff of blankie can solve all the problems in our world.

What's it like in your world?


  1. In our world...
    Motorcycles are the coolest thing ever.
    Ursula the Sea Witch is appealing because she is scary.
    There aren't enough balls to go around and yes, they do get thrown in the house.
    Climbing on couches quickly turns to jumping on couches (often on a brother who is on the couch)and yes, is a vital part of daily excitement.
    Blankies, brownies and adults on telephones draw the same attention as in your world. And NO definitely seems to mean DO IT AGAIN.
    Yours are girls...mine are boys and that's clear in the things that appeal.
    But mostly they are just amazing children who are easy to love, whose laughter and tears both melt our hearts.
    Aren't we lucky?

  2. Ursula IS the scariest thing in the universe. And I'm 24!

  3. Oh, this is sweet! I love it!

    No definitely seems to mean DO IT AGAIN this week in our house...

  4. In our world...

    The fertile time of the month is an excuse to talk about starting a family.

    The not fertile times of the month are not exempt from talk about starting a family.

    Every couple weeks a break from talking about starting a family is demanded by my poor patient husband, which lasts approximately a week.

    Reading other mother's blogs is a delightful way to daydream about starting a family.

    Sitting at the dinner table every night with my father-in-law, we get tips about what to do when we do start a family.

    Not being able to start a family is the absolute scariest thought ever.
    Ursala does in fact follow. Ah - that voice!

    The biggest motivation to finishing my degree is so we can start a family.

    I think you get the point... And I think I might need professional help :)

  5. Oh my gosh! This is the greatest! I think we live in the same world!!

  6. In my world...

    Electrical cords are the best toys ever.

    Biting parents is fun a necessary part of interacting with them, and when they tell you 'no', that's code for 'bite me again, please'! Pulling Daddy's leg hair works the same way.

    Baby toys are not worth anyone's time.

    Paper is the best entertainment after electrical cords; if a bit of it is seen, we will not stop until said bit is in our hand.

    Tablecloths were made to be pulled off, even if doing so means the salt and pepper land on your head.

    Screaming is a great way to communicate with anyone or anything.

    Any small bit of dirt that is seen, must be eaten.

    Cheese, yoghurt and breastmilk are the only three things needed to sutain life. All other substances will be promptly spit out.

    I love my world!

  7. In ours...

    Meetings are really an excuse to get free food, which we attend so regularly and it helps us stretch our graduate student stipends.

    Having tacos every night for a week is a good week! (Seriously, I could eat my husbands tacos forEVER.)

    Having sandwiches everyday of the week is getting old.

    "I'm going to work on this at home" really means it won't leave my backpack once I step through the door.

    Motivation to get our finances/jobs in order (at least for one of us) is paramount...in order to start a family, of course.

    Getting my voicemail probably means its phase III (sorry).

    Fertile time is always a time to talk about children :)

    Searching craigslist for new couches to jump on means we're finally getting rid of the dorm room one! And moving!

    I think we live in different worlds :)

  8. In our world...

    Bunnies are the coolest thing ever.

    Pooh and Piglet have to be called in from the back yard and often sit down with us at dinner.

    Blankies and pink piggies MUST be found at bedtime or the world ends. If they can't be found when we wake in the middle of the night, everyone must get up to look.

    Broccoli and frozen peas are nearly as much of a treat as cheese and bananas and crackers.

    A baby's smiles are the perfect excuse for conversations to stop and everyone to smile in the goofiest possible way.

    Construction equipment is both terrifying and fascinating.

    Putting on shoes is the greatest thing ever because it means we're going OUT.

    All dolls are called "doll" all babies are called "baby". Dolls are not babies!

    We frequently must go outside to smell the roses. This is not optional.

    Butterfly barrettes magically make tangles go away.

    Apples must be cut horizontally so you can see the seeds.

    Sundays cannot pass without pancakes.

    A well placed kiss heals any wound that isn't bleeding. A bandaid fixes all cuts.

    Thanks for this opportunity to revel in the wonderfulness that is our world.

  9. In our world...

    Blankies can solve all problems and if he's dirty and smelly, he can even elevate you to a meditative state.

    Eating real food is the only way to sustain life. My tots (and I for that matter)can be talked into a snack or meal at any given moment. In fact, we had two breakfasts before 10:30 a.m. and we all cleaned our plates.

    Screaming is not tolerated, but throwing things out of raged is bordering on encouraged in these parts.

    Broccoli is consumed happily raw, alongside dip, but is never touched if it has been cooked.

    I loved this post. I just might steal your format for myself. :)

  10. I love this! Here is our three year old version ...

    Muddy puddles are for jumping in.

    An electronic version of "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow" is fairy music.

    Life is full of "great good ideas".

    Slippers are to keep your feet warm in bed.

    Doing a cartwheel means waving your arms in a wheel shape.

    Wellies can be used to enhance any outfit.

    Spiders are good; ants are bad.

    Adults dressed as cartoon characters to entertain children are an invention of the devil and mean one must be taken home immediately for safety.

    There is no correlation between intake of food (substantial) and size (small).

    Big sisters are devoted and beloved slaves.

  11. Our world is almost entirely lived in our imaginations. We are Peter and Wendy, Fira and Rani, Piglet or Eeyore or Pooh.

    We always have time to read another chapter.

    Tiny hands like to pull at pretty hair.

    Sisters never seem to argue in the tent.

    If you're four, climbing up onto the couch seems like a pretty good way to escape.

    If you're one, climbing into the toy box seems like a pretty good way to hide.

    'Pick up your toys' means something more like 'clear a path'.

    'Morning snuggles' is our favorite time of day.

    Great post! Thanks, Sarah!

  12. Such a wonderful idea! In Our World:

    Monkeys have doctor appointments.

    Sisters make wonderful bath companions.

    Tricycle rides don’t have to be outside.

    Paints are even better on pumpkins than on paper.

    Bugs are fascinating to look at and then beat with a stick.

    Anyone can be reachable on the phone any time you want and they will say whatever you want them to say.

    You cannot read the same book too many times.

    Broccoli and peas cannot be served enough, but ice cream never is.

    If you can pick it up, it can be a hat.

    “Treat” can be as dangerous to say as any swear word.

    The rosary is just as useful as a necklace as for praying.

    Sharing is most fun when it is to share what someone else has.

    Sofas without cushions are trampolines.

    Any time can be tea time.

    Farm animals line up for vending machine snacks.

    Cinderella can dance with the Beast.

    A kitchen is an ideal setting to play with bouncy balls.

    It is never too early to count down until you are old enough to drive.

    Waking a sleeping baby is considered a felony.

    A Sippy cup with water can be as comforting as any stuffed animal or blanket.

    Doing a somersault is reason for cheers and celebration!

    Antagonizing your sister can be the best game ever!

    Antagonizing your sister can be remedied with one hug.

    If you don’t want to do something, it is “not a good game.”

  13. I hope you don't mind, I stole this and used it as a post. (I'm doing blog 365 and need ideas every day! That's my excuse.)

    Lovely idea.


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