Friday, September 18, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #32

1. While I made dinner yesterday, the girls were in the living room playing and watching Caillou (that bald little dinner-prep savior). I was concentrating on what I was doing and not really focused on the general chatter and tv noises coming from the other room. I vaguely registered hearing what sounded like a ringing phone, thought it came from Caillou, and disregarded it before I really even knew I'd thought about it at all.

Then I heard a male voice say, 'Hello?' and the tone didn't match up with anything I'd ever heard on a children's cartoon, so I started to wonder what was going on. Before I could clean my hands off and move towards the living room, Lauren started babbling like crazy: "Ah-heyo! Wisibissi a MAMA eet bajinna DADA it HEYO! Isss mussinuff unnuh HONE! Itickitickiticki HEYO!"

It suddenly clicked what had happened. She'd gotten my cell phone, dialed a contact, and put it on speakerphone (something I don't even know how to do, by the way) - then she'd begun conversing. Animatedly.

I jumped across the room, dodging toys to grab the phone from her hand. Poor thing; she was so excited to have been really using the phone, and the look on her face was precious - excited, awed, proud. I put the phone to my ear (stupidly - speakerphone virgin here.) and asked, to whom did I have the pleasure of speaking?

It was my handyman. (I believe Lauren's also texted him some random strings of letters in the recent past. I've GOT to figure out how to lock the keypad. And how to work the speakerphone. Among other things.) I apologized profusely for the mixup; he was probably in the middle of his day job, not wishing to have been bothered by an ecstatic toddler's happy-dialing.

But really, wouldn't you always rather hear the barely intelligible chatter of a toddler over just about any other noise?



2. I've been noticing something lately: I get very sleepy in the car. Not just on long drives, either. I'm talking about an 8 minute jaunt up the road to the library or the grocery store. It's all I can do sometimes to not turn the car around and go back home to curl up in bed. But with the kids in tow, that's not likely. All I can do is turn the music up and try to slap some sense into my sleepy brain. What is this? Am I not getting enough rest? Actually, I already know the answer to that - NO I'M NOT. But is that enough reason for me to get unbearably sleepy on short drives across town? Is it just the vibrations of the car and the happy talk coming from the backseat that lull me into drowsiness? This must be what babies feel when they're on car trips. However, they have no pressing responsibilities like not wrecking the car to keep them from closing their eyes.

3. And in the interest of randomness (because QT Fridays are so beautifully random around here, I feel like I can unleash the full power of my disturbing randomness - lucky Friday! Lucky you!), I find it terribly vexing that neither of my daughters have ever been those pleasant car-sleeping babies. I think Mia's only fallen asleep in the car around 5 times. Lauren was a bit better; she's slept in the car maybe 8 times. This makes for loooooong road trips. Not that we go on many, and for this very reason. Although I think we're slowly breaking out of our mold, and starting to venture further away now that the girls are getting older. Knowing that, I'd bet I'm due to get pregnant any time now just to throw us back to square one. Except, maybe the next Heavenly baby will be a car sleeper and...

I'll stop now. My train of consciousness was starting to derail. And I'd hate for you to witness such a thing.

4. I'm always on the lookout for cute crafts and activities to do with Mia. In preschool, they are always doing something fun and creative, so when she's home with me and we get bored, I like to have a few ideas handy with which to fill our time. Not that I've been very good about implementing the ideas, but sometimes it's nice to know that if we're pulling our hair out in boredom, there are things that can be done.

I happened across a new-to-me blog this week called Real Life. Sarah has the cutest little pumpkin craft posted that looks adorable for little hands to work with. I hope to try this soon. Mia's thrilled with all the pumpkins decorating every store we enter lately, so I think she'll LOVE this.

Any more good fall preschooler activities up your sleeves?

5. We've been having some issues around here lately with offensive words. One in particular. Do you care if I go ahead and write it out loud? Ok. Here goes.

Boobies. Eeeeek!

Now I know that's not really a bad word, but it just seems all kinds of wrong to me to hear my 3 year old say it. I've explained to her that it's not a polite word, and we've discussed other options for referring to body parts that are more respectful. I thought we'd nipped it. (Sorry. I shouldn't do that, I know, but it's funny! Puns are hilarious!) (Clearly I'm not very mature, myself.) (Moving on.)

However, a conversation yesterday reminded me that this battle will not be won quickly. She was telling me that her baby doll couldn't eat grapes because she was just a 'brand new newborn', and I - of course - asked what a newborn could eat.

"Well, she can only eat cereal....and....juice...and stuff like that," she answered primly.

"But," I encouraged, ever the lactivist, "Doesn't she also get to drink mommy's milk?"

"Oh!" said the tiny mama, "Yes! She can have milk from her mommy's....her mommy's..." At this, she looked down at her shirt with such concentration that I knew whatever she said next would be good. "Her mommies, um, zoobies. Mommies have zoobies."

I stifled my reaction, so that instead of seeing me slapping my thighs and sobbing with laughter, she saw me nod in understanding. "That's right," I said, closing my eyes for just a split second to keep my composure, "But that word that you can't remember, so you said (*deep breath*) zoobies instead? That's not a word we want to say anyway, ya know? But you're right - newborn babies get their milk from their mama's chest."

And I left it at that.

Zoobies. *chuckles*

6. Over the past week or two, when Lauren's gotten in real trouble, we've taken her away from the activity and placed her in a sort of time out. Not that it's really a time out, but that's the language we use with her big sister, so it seems natural. I think she's really too young at 17 months for a full-on time out, but the distraction and loss of interaction for a moment seems to mean something to her. Plus, she sees Mia going to time out occasionally, and she seems to understand that it's not a desirable consequence. She often gets a concerned look on her face and points to Mia's room saying, "SISSY!! TY-MOW!!" So I think she already knows what it's about. Plus, I've seen her putting her baby doll into time out for some imaginary infarction. Cute stuff.

Further evidence that's she's understanding it came today when she got scolded for purposefully dumping out a cup of snacks onto the living room floor.

"Lauren!" I said sternly. "No dumping! We don't dump snacks! Pick them back up, please."

Her face started to crumble into sadness. I hate that part. It's why I've become such a successful discipline dodger. The lower lip and the downturned face make me want to cuddle her up and apologize for daring to scold her so freely. Yes, I know. I'm in trouble.

But, the most surprising thing happened next: She looked to the edge of the hallway - an occasional time out spot for Mia - and walked herself over while saying, "Dump cack-uhs, ty-mow. Ty-mow." Then she sat herself down, and stayed there - peeking over her shoulder every so often at my reaction. Which was dumbfounded.

My 17 month old is disciplining herself. Can I get an AMEN?!

7. One of my very first blog friends, Lenae, welcomed a new baby boy this week! Stop by and wish her well, wouldja? She's such a good mother and I know I'll miss her around the blogosphere while she's settling into raising 3 boys, but that doesn't mean we can't inundate her with blessings, right?!

Congratulations, Lenae, on your beautiful new sweetheart. We can't wait to hear all about him. (And by we, I mean I. And by all about him, I mean THE BIRTH STORY! HIS PERSONALITY! HOW YOU'RE FEELING! WHAT HIS BROTHERS THINK!)

Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you for subjecting yourself to my Quick Takes! Be sure to check out the rest of the Quick Takes at Conversion Diary.


  1. Zoobies? Hilarious!

    And that is so cute that Lauren put herself in time out!

    Also, it's funny that you wrote about your daughters not being car sleepers because I just wrote something similar today. Abigail will sleep in the car, but only if I keep the slowing down and/or stopping to a minimum! We'll be taking her to see her Nana in Florida in October (a 6 hour drive) and I'm so nervous! Any tips you can share?

  2. Great list: Luckily I was blessed with car sleeper which is currently saving my sanity as she has decided to go on a nap strike and I have had to resort to going for a drive for the past two afternoons.

    Craft idea: If you live where the leaves change color; collect some and have them glue to construction paper and then cover with contact paper=seasonal placemats!!

  3. You sweet wonderful lady, you! I cannot believe you used a whole quick take to congratulate me on the Internet. It's, like, as good as a shout-out during halftime at the Superbowl!

    I get sleepy in the car too. I could nap on the way to the grocery store! And I LOVE the pumpkin roll craft- too cute! My boys will love it.

  4. Oh were to begin? I love your interpretation of Lauren's toddler babble. Sounds a lot like Lily, only with a few more actual words thrown in there!

    Zoobies. Hah!

    Please share your secret for getting your child to discipline themself :)

    Oh, and this website is a great resource for toddler/preschooler activities:

    Happy Friday!

  5. So cute! So great! I don't know which I like better - that your daughter put herself in timeout or that you are a "lactivist!"

  6. Zoobies {giggle}
    I would ask a more pointed question about your sleepiness if it weren't JUST in the car..... ;)
    Great list!
    Have a good weekend!

  7. Zoobies, hah!

    I really love this blog - she posts a new toddler activity almost every day:

    I looke, think, and plan, but the actual DOING sometimes doesn't happen. That's the way of life with toddlers, I suppose!

  8. If God could guarantee me at least one self-discilining child, I might be less scared to have kids!!

    Zoobies!! I'm totally putting this word into my vocabulary. Thank you Heavenly child.

  9. I've been on the hunt for good craft ideas these days as well. I finally broke down and bought a book called Creative Crafts for Kids and so far it's been really useful.

    Zoobies?!? Sounds like something the old Batman might say. Zoobies, Robin, the Joker got away!

    I love that Lauren understands time-out! Sounds like that same perplexing, thrilling moment I experience when Penelope puts all her toys away! Sometimes the second child is just...easier?

  10. Amanda - Hmm, the one thing I did when Lauren was tiny that seemed to help was to drape a dark, but thin blanket over the raised handle of her carseat. It made a little tent to block out sunshine in her eyes or traffic lights, but wasn't restricting air flow. Other than that, maybe a CD with some simple kids music or lullabies? I really don't have much advice until she's a bit older, and even then, I'm not the best person to ask :)

    Joy - Thanks for the idea! Our leaves here are all still green, but when the time comes, we may just try this.

    Lenae - Are you comparing me to something as awkward and strange as a wardrobe malfuncion?! I have to admit, that does describe my foot-in-mouth tendency to embarrass myself...

    Amy - My tip is this: have a second child and he/she may soak up the discipline tangentially. You're SOL with the first :) And thanks for the wesite!

    TMC - They ARE equally miraculous, no?

    Katie - I know, I'm still giggling about zoobies too.

    Milehimama - Thank you for that link! I love finding new helpful blogs!

    Chelsea - Maybe you could use zoobies in one of your random word posts...

    Emily - I may need to invest in a craft book too - I'm sure I'd feel more prepared for our days that way. Yes, the second child - hard as it sounds towards the first - is sometimes just easier :) What does that mean for a third, I wonder?

  11. Great QTs. My 2-year-old sent a text message (how I do not know; I still don't know how to text) to an uncle who lives in Luxembourg. We're in trouble when she reaches the teen years because she's got a thing for shoes, too.

    Zoobies - chuckles from me, too.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. Caillo is my dinner prep savior as well....and sometimes I can't get the dang theme song out of my head "I'm just a kid who's 4...."tee hee.
    Your girls are so stinkin're gonna have to look out for that Lauren, she sounds like a smart one....already texting and self-disciplining?!
    And zoobies, ha ha ha!

  13. P.S. forgot to mention: I also am impressed with your babble interpretation...and your silly pun (I have a pretty immature sense of humor as well)!!

  14. Zoobies!! That is hilarious!!!

    I suscribe to family fun magazine and have bought the special halloween issue recently. the stuff is fairly inexpensive and pretty cute!!

    I just love reading your quick takes!!

  15. So enjoyed your blog....Had a free night to blog hop.
    Hope you will stop by new Christmas blog ...There is a great giveaway that I will draw for on Oct 1st and all you need to do to enter is comment.

  16. Not to be the bearer of bad news or anything, but my first has been the easiest for me by far. It may have something to do with the second being a boy who is just like his daddy and too smart for his own good (or my own sanity!) And the third was the hardest in the beginning, mostly due to colic, but has just recently almost a year later started giving mama a break. Can't wait to see what's in store with baby #4! Maybe we'll cycle back around! They're so darn cute though and for every time they make me want to pull out my hair or go hide in my closet, there are a thousand moments that make me laugh, love, and cherish them even more.


  17. Kate Wicker - We're already in bad spot with both of our girls on the shoes. They are shoe crazy. TROUBLE :)

    Katie - It's good to know that you understand my adolescent humor. I knew I could count on you!

    Em - You should jump on this QT bandwagon! It's been a great way to meet other bloggers, and get out some random weekly blather. Which is all my blog is about anyway, but hey - I'm the boss around here :)

    Teresa - I'm glad you stopped by! I'll take a peek at your link.

    Cortney - You're such a downer :) But what jumped out at me was 'what's in store with baby number 4.' ARE YOU EXPECTING another?! OR DESIRING another?!

  18. zoobies. Snort.
    My favorite sources for crafts and what-not are and Mozi Esme, just look at her alphabet activities.
    Mozi-esme is

  19. I really enjoyed this week! I feel like we "know" you so well from your Quick Takes... Your girls are just too cute!

    Have you checked out Pink & Green Mama? Her blog is FULL of crafts for little ones. She amazes me... She might be on my "Good Reads" in my sidebar??

    And Yay for Lenae too! Isn't he soo... cute!?

    Oh, and if this wasn't long enough... I'm followin' now! ;)

  20. Eeek, sorry the links not on my blog...

    Craft overflow! :)

  21. Being immature myself, I would be so tempted to encourage the use of zoobies for the place where the milk comes from. Both the milk and the chest location are known as nur-nurs in my house courtesy of my first born and passed down to each subsequent kidlet.

  22. Expecting...pray for me!


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