Monday, July 13, 2009

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

There are times when I feel we've done a good job (thus far) instilling within Mia a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the world around us. When we talk about the beauty of the clouds or the nourishing rains, for example, I feel good about encouraging Mia's questions and discoveries. Or when I hide my heebie-jeebies as we watch a cicada emerging from it's skeletal shell. (YUCK. That's all.) The world as seen by a 3 year old is full of wonder and learning opportunities; our summer garden alone has provided tons of lessons in appreciation.

Then, there are the other times. Like last night, on the way home from dinner at my parents' house, when the evening sun was streaming through our car windows. What I heard from the backseat was far from appreciative of the setting sun.

"I don't WANT the sun, mom. Make it go awaaaaaaay!" Mia whined beside the window while covering her eyes from the bright, long rays of light.

I had scattered thoughts (as all my thoughts are) about how to respond including why the sunset is pretty, how we can't control it, and furthermore, how she shouldn't be so bossy to the sun, of all things. Oh, the bossiness of this tiny girl.

But as we turned into the shadow of a hilly valley, the words died on my lecturing lips.

Because sometimes? I want to control the sun too.

It's just about as cooperative as my 3 year old, come to think of it. Far more predictable, though.

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  1. Besides continuously making me laugh out loud (and making me feel better about my own neuroses), your habit of putting 80's songs into my head makes you the best! ;)~

    I love your new header, btw. It was worth the cheerios cleanup.


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