Monday, July 13, 2009

Who IS This Child?

At the dinner table tonight, we had BLT's. A few snippets of our conversation:

Mia: I LIKE this lettuce, mom!
Me: You do? Well I'll get you some more pieces, if you'd like.
Mia: Um, no thanks. But thank you for offering.

A few minutes later:

Mia: THANK YOU for this good dinner, mama. It's really good!
Me: I'm so glad you like it sweetie - that makes me really happy that you said such nice things!
Mia: Well...I just threw that tomato on the floor, OK?

One moment she's dishing out the compliments, and the next she's tossing them aside like slimy tomato seeds. (And they were homegrown tomatoes, too!)


  1. Ha ha... I'm sorry for the wasted tomato, but at least it makes for great blog fodder! :)

  2. Hahaha... seriously, you ALL are hilarious!!!!


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