Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time Flies On Angels' Wings

Once upon a time, my best friend gave birth to a precious baby girl. Anna.

Anna was tiny and not quite ready to be in our big wide world yet, so she lived in the hospital until her lungs and body grew capable of handling life on their own. She gathered strength while snuggled in her preemie isolette, thrilling her family with every progressive step in the direction of 'home.' Bringing them to their knees with prayers at every small setback. When she was released from the hospital to the care of her parents, they were overjoyed with their tiny blessing and thankful for the chance to nurture a brand new soul.

They've all done beautifully, and today Anna celebrated her first birthday with a party in the park. She is a bright spot of exuberance in the middle of her loving family. She is a joyful little angel - a miracle in the middle of an ordinary world.

Happy Birthday, Anna! And Happy One Year Anniversary of being parents to such a perfect gift, Mandy and Lucas!

May the next year be as full of wonder and miracles as Anna's first year. And may you all enjoy every blessed minute of it.


  1. Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful baby!

  2. You have a beautiful way with words. Such a sweet little baby!

  3. She is a cutie pie! Congratulations to your friends on their thriving baby girl, and best wishes for many more years of blessings!


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