Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Year Ago This Evening

I went into labor to bring Lauren Jade into the world.

It was a Thursday night. By 9:00, I was getting nervous that those contractions were not just pretend, and that they'd keep going. That they'd lead to the inevitable outcome of a baby emerging from my body.


I'm glad that's not happening on this Thursday night.

I'm glad I'm sitting at the computer with an Oreo Cakester instead.

On the other hand, what an exciting night that was!

Sweet Dreams!


  1. I had a feeling that our daughters were just about exactly the same age. I went into labor a year ago last night too. But my water broke before the contractions really started, so I knew right away this was the real thing. She wasn't born until the wee hours of the next day though. So we're celebrating today too. Kind of. We're sick, Daddy's out of town, and she's baby number three so grandma didn't really care about having a party - she wanted to stay home this weekend and do her taxes instead. Poor third kid. Good thing she doesn't care yet.

  2. Part of me thinks I just don't want Lauren to ever say, "but why didn't I get a big party too?" So I'm going too far with this! But I definitely scale back for the subsequent birthdays. I'm thinking all our kids will have big first birthdays.


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