Friday, March 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday, #8


1. This week has been so very very busy. Not with any actual activities or events, just with me running around trying to get everything ready for Lauren's party tomorrow. Too many late nights in a row spent crafting banners and table toppers and shirts and cakes has left me drained. But in a good way. I want to throw a party worthy of celebrating how special this little girl is to us.

Not that she'll know what's going on.

2. The last thing left for me to accomplish is decorating the cakes. A big flower cake for the crowd, and a tiny one for Lauren's first cake. I'm trying to decide if I should play it safe and use white frosting for easier cleanup, or go crazy with the pinks and greens. Either way, she'll be a beautiful little mess.

3. And just because I've gone to far too much trouble for a first birthday party, the weather has decided to act up. Three days before April, and we're expecting a few inches of snow, freezing temps, and overall party crashing weather. We'll have lots of food and cake, but will there be any guests?

4. Also, will there be a present from Mommy and Daddy? I just realized that I seem to have forgotten this tiny detail. It's not like this house is filled with toys already or anything...

Anyhow, Mia has already gotten her a gift. At the store this week, she picked out a small pink striped lion for her sister's birthday present. She's already laid out all the details of how she'll help Lauren open her presents, but this lion in particular, Mia MUST help open. It's imperative. I'm thinking she wants the lion for herself, and is hoping we'll all be too distracted by the hustle and bustle to notice if she's appropriated it.

5. Mia's also been helping me make the cakes. She pours and stirs, tastes and giggles. Lauren tries her hardest to climb up my legs while this is going on. Is it any wonder how I forgot to add the oil to one of cake mixes? My mom assures me the cake will just be a bit more dense than the others. Well worth it for the fun of baking with a 3 year old.

6. This may be the quickest of my Quick Takes I've ever done. Blame it on the list of party preparations. (Thank the list of party preparations? I'm usually overly wordy.)

7. Non-Party Related Question of the Day, from Mia:

"Mom, what does dog poop smell like? Like bear poop? Like skunks?"

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  1. Hi, just stopping by from Conversion Diary.

    My 6yo always "helps" people open their presents and blow out candles. I don't know what we would do without him.

  2. You make me smile. Since I bought Teegan's first birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy at 11 p.m. the night before his party (which happened to be his actual birthday), I am delighted with your unintentional neglect of this little detail! Wal-Mart is open 24 hours a day!!


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