Friday, December 19, 2008

Sisters much?

Mia is on the blue chair, at about 7 months. Lauren is on the pink at about 6 months.

I can see so many similarities, but I hear most people saying that they look totally different. What do you think?

Besides the fact that I make a mess out of the cereal?

Looking at pictures like these make me feel happy and sad all at once. I'm so happy to remember those moments, but I'm sad that I can't still have those moments. I want to have my cake and eat it too.

I'd like to see them grow up, but go back whenever I choose to, and see them as tiny babies too. Can this be arranged? No? I'll just have to keep having babies? (smiles!)

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  1. OKay, before I started reading this I looked at Mia's picture and thought 'Oh my gosh she looks just like Mia'-thinking it was Lauren ha ha. Well we haven't seen you guys in so long I couldn't honestly tell you how I think they look-alike or whatnot....he he, but by looking at pics, that little Lauren really is starting to resemble big sis. Love the blog by the way!!


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